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August 1, 2006

Vibing With Some Latin Twelves

ben_jorge~~_soudapesa_101s.jpg robin_cover.JPG bazeado_cover.JPG

Sou Da Pesada (7 Samurai Afroraduno Remix) : Jorge Ben
taken from a 12" single on Dejavu (2006)

Royal Marcha (Raj Gupta Remix) : Robin Jones
taken from a 12" single on Kudos (2000)

Viva A Povo Brasileiro (Da Lata Remix)
taken from a 12" single on Mr. Bongo (2002)

Hotness. Heat. Sweaty sweat. Stinky stank. Mind melt mushcakes.

Might that perhaps pertain to your current situation? The fan can't seem to blow enough breeze my way. And the AC be burning my throat every night.

Still I dance. Checked out this super-fun garden party, of course you know I gotta swing through here, and this was dope too. Despite my willingness to get soggy, I appreciate it when the DJ puts on a few mid tempo jams, equally compelling to a moving crowd, but a little less strenuous on us dripping partygoers. At one point this past week, I actually had to take a time-out from the dancefloor 'cause there was too much salt in my eyes! ewwww, grotie.

Grab this Jorge Ben single if you see it. A total sleeper crowd pleaser. The flipside is a drum n' bass samba number that is pleasing even to those that don't normally dig that stuff too much.

Robin Jones & Raj Gupta? Now you know.

If you like Latin/Brazilian remix tracks like these, then you probably know Da Lata. Bazeado on the other hand, seem to have snuck by the radar for the most part.

Also, BIG SHOUT OUT to Paul Irish over at Aurgasm. Not only does the man continue to distribute dope music, from a wide range of influences, time and time again. But he actually put up one of my own compositions from the Gumbo Funk EP! And included it on his very first DJ mix. Wurd up.

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