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Gumbo Funk (2005)
produced by Captain Planet

  1. La Reina (listen)
  2. Samba Radiante (listen)
  3. Deuxième Gaou
  4. The Don (listen)
  5. Beyelbaklak
  6. Don Dub

Drawing inspiration from Salsa, Samba, Afrobeat, Arabic, Bollywood, Dancehall, Disco, Hip Hop, and House, Captain Planet's "Gumbo Funk EP" bridges globally scattered genres with the universal love of a danceable BREAKBEAT. Tightly woven layers of syncopated percussion build the foundation for piercing horn blasts, driving bass riffs, wah-wah guitars, jazzy keys, and reinterpreted vocal samples. Gumbo Funk is exactly what it sounds like: a cross-cultural cornucopia of sound. All appreciators of Thievery Corporation's "Outernational" sound, Quantic's cut-n-paste funk, J-Boogie's "Dubtronic Science", or the feel-good "Turntables On The Hudson" party should pick up this EP without a second thought!

$8. (s&h included)