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Via began with a couple of T-shirt designs and we still love that aspect of our work. We try not to limit ourselves with any easily categorizable look— just dope designs and popping colors, with quality printing on sweatshop-free tees. We feel strongly that our morals should be represented in every step of our productions; whether it's karma or politics that guide us, at the end of the day, we want to keep a clean rep. You won't see us seeking out a gimmick or gag line. Instead, we look for simple concepts that will make our friends smile and possibly do a little bit of research. We also guarantee that if you wear nothing but Via for 30 days, you will be sexually satisfied or your money back*

*sexual satisfaction here refers to the Indo-European root sound "xua", which can be loosely translated as "chest." Basically, your nipples will be happy against our smooth cotton. Also, we don't actually give refunds unless your estate can prove that wearing our shirts directly led to your death.

For inquiries about sales, or to place an individual order, email:

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