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December 12, 2007

Trading Records = Music x 2

Celebrant.jpg Marius.jpg
Afrodesia.jpg Gestu.jpg

The Celebrant : Off Beats
taken from their Self-Titled album on Olumo (1978)

Marius Cultier : Piano A Marius Cultier & Zouk
taken from the album "The Way..." on Magidisco (1976)

The Afro Soul-Tet : Dom Gowa
taken from the album "Afrodesia" on Banyan (197?)

Gestu De Dakar : Ndiourel
taken from the album "Diabar" on Syllart (1980)

Take a couple cool records that you've picked up over the years, loved and appreciated, perhaps even taken the time to digitize, and then prepare yourself to say goodbye. Letting go of some of your most beloved (and possibly hardest to find) gems, may be exactly what it takes to make way for more of what you were looking for in the first place. I've recently been doing a bit of record trading, and it seems to be a win/win equation. I had to let go of my Gestu, a total treasure from the late 70's, early 80's Senegalese scene. But I found myself putting a pristine copy of "The Way..." down on the turntable in its place! This record is a truly unique blend of styles and innovation from Martinique's musical genius Marius Cultier. Recorded in a clean but raw production style that really makes the whole set feel live.

The Celebrant has been one of those goodies that I've been hording all to myself; not wanting to share for fear that the heaviness of the music might just be enough to crush the rest of the world. I'm willing to conceed that a little selfishness was part of the reason for holding back, but you'll have to find the record for yourself to experience the crushing power of "Celebration In The Ghetto"-- another killer cut on this LP.

Despite my greediest inclinations, when I was recently faced with the possibility of getting my hands on the sounds contained in ultra-rare recordings like this one from The Afro Soul-Tet, you'd better believe I jumped at the chance to share my Celebrant bomb. You lucky cats get to skim the cream off the top. These songs are, to my ear, some of the finest from these records. But don't let that discourage you from seeking them out on your own, I could listen to these records again tomorrow and pick a completely different set from the same albums.

Doing a big show with my group The Beatards (check the new website!) at Mercury Lounge this Friday with some cool cats on the Lex label. Come out and show some love!

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