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April 29, 2005

Cut Out and Run...


You know how Fridays run with News & Booze... we're too busy napping to work on the heavy linkerage. Springtime breezy sleeping with the windows open, jeah.

ix has been coming correct with the non pocket-protected reads though, good lookalooks. Today has him doing research for a PR firm to rep Via. What with our multi-killion dollar budget and all...

Huh? Corp -We Do Stuff.

The Submarine -a dope essay by Paul Graham about PR and journalism.

Forgot to post this the other day... symbolic gesture obviously, but worth noting: Georgia Erases 'Jim Crow' Laws

Also... can anyone fill me in on any one of these? "I tend to call it my sabbatical with options."

The Last Ones to Leave -Saigon fell 30 years ago; no political slant on this one, just stories from soldiers and lessons to be learned.

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April 28, 2005

Fun With Clippers


If anyone sees some Lou Diamond Phillips-looking character with a crooked mohawk, tell him he needs to fix my e-mail.

Fun links (eh, relatively) today to balance out all the death war destruction from yesterday:

Anime Eyes -for that ginormous monochromatic pupil look. Asian people are out of their heads.

I Love Egg -eggs dressed like bears. Asian people are still out of their heads.

ix points to an article about the ongoing file-sharing debate with the WORST TITLE EVER: The Revolution Will Be Downloaded. I know it's a tired subject, but still... pretty interesting read.

Get your Ring Thing and have a conversation piece for your friend's next house party. You'll probably be interesting for oh I'd say 5 seconds before you become known as that guy. or girl.

Immortal Technique feat. KRS-One and Chuck D- Bin Laden (Remix) -The Green Lantern beat is a little too apocalyptic Eminem styly for my tastes, but Immortal Tech is still one of the hungriest emcees out right now.

Nakey Cakes by Angela -something isn't quite right about that bunny...

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April 27, 2005

Thunder, Lightning, and Pigeons on the Train


The Jammys -Sorta raising an eyebrow, but part of me says I should ease up on the cynicism and just accept this as being kinda dope. What a suck-ass name for an award show though.

Nash at The Stencil posted up some pretty disturbing photos of Xuan Minh, a 3 year-old suffering from the effects of Agent Orange. I posted an article about the lawsuit by the Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange against the chemical manufacturers last month; that suit was dismissed in Brooklyn and folks are trying to appeal; more info here. More info on chemical warfare here.

On some more heaviness (sorry folks), Matt from Moose Productions turned me onto this blog a minute ago, and I check it every so often for those times I wanna feel conflicted about being American: Back to Iraq 3.0.

Need something light, need something light... um, okay. Sarah Maxwell, one of my all-time favorite Joos, thinks it would be good if you came to the Heeb Release party at Sway next Jewsday. Harharharrrr.

Continuing on my pilferage of res: Muppets Overtime. When can I quit my job and get to muppeteering already?

April 26, 2005

Friendster Horoscopes Are Creeping Me Out


I might have big-upped DZ's boy Danny Molad and his band Via Audio on the old site, so the uh... the two of you checking it back then might find this paragraph strangely familiar. Aside from the goodworthy name (which is screaming for some kind of cross-branding-promotions extravaganza), these folks put out a really solid EP we copped a little over a year ago, and DZ tells me they're working on the follow-up right about nows. Lead singer Jessica Martins has that real mellow 'sleeping-on-the-train-with-headphones' voice- some solo ish up at purevolume for more of that fix. I promise I'll be off this female vocalist kick soon, swear it's my only way of balancing out the steady stream of Cro-Mags sessions at work.

Ixley's trying to scare us: US Officials Engaged in Mad Cow Coverup: Former Official.

And even more fun from Organic Consumers: Things "Grow Better" With Coke (as pesticide)

You keep using big words like draconian and I'll keep petting my iPod. Apple retaliates against publisher of Steve Jobs bio

I wanna be excited about Wassup Rockers on some feels-like-home (not so much gunplay though) shiz, but eh... not the biggest Larry Clark fan, and that halfway point of the trailer where the "Mexican" and "White" worlds collide is straight cornball. Cypress Hill transitioning into Adolescents... yeah no, I get it. WEAK.

Continuing coverage of runaway buffalo where else? ....The Stencil. Keep us posted Will.

April 25, 2005

Stubbing Toes and Tripping on Crap


Been spring cleaning for what feels like a month and yet I'm still finding things that had no business going through four moves (I stumbled on one of those old sticker promo sheets they were handing out when Gorillaz first came out... I swear I probably figured I'd eBay it 50 years from now as some sort of rock memorabilia collectible, but... yeah no. DELETED. It's out in front in the same bag that's holding about 7000 feet of ethernet cable from the days of wiring up stairs around door frames and straight through the kitchen table).

ixley won this. And while he can flaunt all he wants that he got the last laugh, at the end of the day, he's still stuck with an iPod Shuffle, which is why Via's going to have our very own "Win-Crap-That-We-Won-and-Have-No-Use-For" contest. Seriously. On principle alone I refuse to have one of those things in the house. Keep checking for details, we'll figure out something soon enough.

Daisy's keeping Via posted on the fashionista tip and turning us onto Emmanuelle Mafille and Zakee Shariff off Style.com. Also likey the Charles Anastase stuff for Calvin Klein.

More artsy fartsy:

James Jean es dope! Me boy Carlo has me convinced: best comic book cover artist doing the deed right now, withoutadoubt. His stuff's on sale at PROCESSRECESS.

Don't forget about the David Choe show with all the stuffs he did whilst jailed in Japan.

Speaking of Japanese policemen... Japanese Policemen. (via res)

More a/v stimuli from ix, who basically sends me a new reel by people doper than us uh... about 3 times a day: Stardust.

And finally, on a what's really real tip: U.S. Prison Population Soars in 2003, '04. Funny how the crime rate has been falling over the past decade though, no? There are a thousand and one links to educate folks on the Prison Industrial Complex; PrisonSucks is a pretty thorough one to check for.

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April 23, 2005

Daisy says I update too much anyway...


...so I'm taking Friday off. Or just getting home. Something something crazy day in the field. The PJs are no joke son. Back to irrelevant linkage on Moonday. For now just sit and marinate on this view. BK beautiful.

April 21, 2005

be good stay busy


I hadn't seen Feist's video for Inside and Out, but now that I have, I'm faced with a confounding dilemma: marry her or Eva (ex-Savath y Savalas)? Crushing out completely.

ixley's trying to score an iPod Shuffle by answering trivia questions about pixels. I wish I was lying.

Studies: Gentrification a boost for everyone

Here's how it works: A dilapidated and depopulated but essentially attractive neighborhood - solid housing stock, well laid-out streets, proximity to the city center - is discovered by artists, graduate students and other bohemians.

Wwwwow. Yup, that's pretty much us. I feel like someone just kicked me in the nuts.

More Minutemen news... told you I was gonna keep watching over these dufas.

El-P making one of few appearances in 2005 for a benefit show for Dax, the driver on the Subtle tour. Lots of support coming through to help out Dax's medical bills, get your tickets here.

props to Urn for keeping us posted on Nostrand Ave's pimp situation.

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April 20, 2005



I'm a flipping marijuana researcher and I had to be reminded by a nonsmoker what day it was. Reeeeeal sharp.

Ah well, another Wednesday farmer's market day chillaxin with Naka, who continues on her quest for world domination in Newsweek. She keeps steamrolling into May when Scourge opens at Yerba Buena in the Bay. Via family vacation to Oakland?

BTW--TWO, count 'em, TWO Gallatin kids in the Newsweek article. See we're not all hippies, swear.

I need some legal counsel to make sense of this, but my boss SWEARS it's perfectly legal for ladies to be hangin out topless in the city. Will, get back at me with a quickness to confirm. I guess this guy breaks it down good enough though.

Comic nerds- MoCCA's having a little sumpin sumpin next Wednesday: Grapic Novels - Drawing Attention... Peter Kuper, Chip Kidd... BIG NAMES for geeks, and es free. Can't beat that with a bat. Gotta go digging for my Crow and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac tees...

Big big-ups to neighbor Nick Catchdubs on the 13th for hooking up a copy of Oh Snap. The type of mix to pound out of PC speakers in the cubicle with a healthy amount of passive aggression, or for wylin' out anywhere else with the I-DON'T-GIVE-A-FUCKitude. Cop it here and add to your spring/summer soundtrack. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Finally, the Captain threw up his Rotation show on Loose Tape today; listen to him plug Via and then plug Via some more... and then some more. We've trained him well. extra bonus: Charlie drops one of the tracks from his upcoming Gumbo Funk EP midway through... La Reina will dislocate your hips.

And someone applaud our overworked web dood and resident nature photographer ix. New splash series for your peepers. I thought the original plan was to have a Guatemalan boy strategically placed in each frame somehow, but eh...

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April 19, 2005

It's That Timing I Tell You!


Yao, the kids at Park Place have been getting a thorough TROUNCING by relationships as of late, with the exception of The Captain, who's off to the DR with his yogi ILL-eston in a week. For the kids without plane tickets or drugs, this site may prove helpful.

Speaking of Charlie and my uncanny ability to segue horribly, the Crate has been updated proper today. Get your 45 on.

Aw cmon... I like 9th Wonder. (via Urn)

We don't need no stinking comments section for News & Booze... haters go here. So juvenile, so fresh! (via Crailtap!)

Something tells me ix has been using Wikipedia lately... *addendum: I am also using Wikipedia now. Hijinks ensuing. *2nd addendum: YO! THEY DELETED MY EDIT! WTF??? WIKI GESTAPO!!!!!!!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Please stop adding nonsense to Wikipedia. It is considered vandalism. If you want to experiment, please use the sandbox. Thank you. Hadal 16:31, 19 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Behind the game on this one, but just in case you haven't seen it yet: Seona Dancing ...Ricky Gervais in a New Romantic band. BOUNDLESS TALENT.

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April 18, 2005

I will kill UPS.


One last round of gassing for Caps & Jones and catchdubs for holding it down at the Devils on Friday. Throw Moving In Stereo on your list of spring/summer muzak purchases, you shalt not regret. Will give you a report on Oh Snap once we cop a copy, but judging by Nick's live steez, we also have very high hopes.

Tic and Tac interview (via Gothamist)- yeah, we know you've memorized these guys' routine and you roll your eyes when they do the callin out countries shtick because there's always some rich South American (not a country I know) guy who ends up waving around a wad of cash to make himself feel big in the US, but... ey, are you doing anything else right now?

Oh man, you know the weather's in the 70s when ix starts sending me fun links:

ASMBLR - still pretty nerdy, but at least it veers some into my very limited definition of cool (comic books video games and muppets). A more lengthy description:

Video games are a pervasive part of society, larger than any other media, including music and movies in terms of revenue generation. Assembler.org attempts to change how we look at these games and gaming through research and experimentation into how we interpret them. This is done through data manipulation and visualizations, archival software systems, human user interface approaches, etc.

Posterwire- Designers: re-appropriate to the fullest.

This one comes courtesy of the Mogwai in the Midwest:

Boba Find- I can't handle this stuff anymore, but if anyone feels the need to get their indigestible tapioca bombs on, well... it's not my place to keep you from the boba.

Target says: Get your robo-trip on elsewhere. Stop with all the pseudoephedrine and DXM kiddies, lest you find yourself in a situation like this knucklehead.

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April 17, 2005

Sleep Cycles


You are going to Catch, Caps & Jones tonight and you will wild out to some good music spun by some good peoples. Via will be in the building drinking free Red Stripes responsibly. I'll be the dood who looks like he needs to sleep some more.

The panorama of Star Wars fans waiting in front of the wrong theater in LA is kinda mellow... but keep rotating to the left, yeah okay, standard fanboy fare, lady with pink visor, yeah... just a little more, and... oh hey, asian guy with celly on the belt and SO CAL shirt. WTF?? I might just be overly critical and somewhat confused by how dood and his girl are interlocked in some weird human pretzel formation, but... nah. You don't even say SoCal, much less rock that shiz on your chest. Tis a big region, and in that blanket reppin, how does one explain debacles like Riverside? Sucker.

Spring sprunging out in full effect... how else to enjoy the weather than by getting some ink? Nice guy Josh Lord finally got himself a web presence (all flashy-pants too), and for all my West Coasters (with the exception of dood walking down Hollywood), Moses' friend Jason is sikwiddit. Worth a trip to the Bay for sure.

Our main Iraqi Omar is killing it in Italy with his shop and new site for Gold--spicee meatboll indeed. Omaaaah, keep us posted the next time you're rolling through the city so as we's can hook up some product for Firenze.

Enjoy the weekend kids.

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April 14, 2005

Nekkid Chikin.


Thank you very much-o Mr. Ebato for putting me onto this Amerie quote:

***Interview between Amerie and Chicago's Power 92's DJ: Donnie "The Freakin' Puerto Rican" DeVoe***

Donnie: You look sort of Oriental'ish
Amerie: Actually, 'Oriental' is for things; 'Asian' is for people.

...Let's hear it for hapas, people! Shut your trap ix.

Kenzan's keeping close watch on the iPod DJ world for us. This raised an eyebrow, but I was like nah some dood with too much free time made some weird non-functional mock-up. Then this confirmed-- no hoax. Dunno how we feel about the whole thing; while no one at Via is really on the whole pretentious purist collecting records like they were comics tip, we all still get a rush from dusty fingers and digging through moldy vinyl. Besides, we still gotta make that intermediary CDJ step first (I know I've linked these before, but they are sorta pretty).

Urn put me onto this 5 year-old interview with Professor Tricia Rose (author of Black Noise) by Adam Mansbach (author of the recent Angry Black White Boy). Definitely dated material, but coming from a generation of college kids where curriculum about hip-hop (not the same as hip-hop curriculum) isn't so uncommon, it was sorta interesting to see what the first of these classes was like. I had issues with Black Noise, mostly because of how inaccesible a lot of it was (it wasn't even that bad, but... some of the rupture and repetition shit was a little stretching), but y'know... such is the nature of academia I guess. Here's hoping Can't Stop Won't Stop balances out the canon.

Hong Kong warned against eating too much of dim sum national dish
But Ho said tests on 75 different dim sum varieties showed they could be tiny time bombs. BWAAAAAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHH... oh snap them dumplings are good. Surprisingly, as resistant as I am to the idea, this spot is still pretty illy. Healthier? Bet not.

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April 13, 2005

Lemony Yellow Afternoons...


Not so much commentary today, just hanging out with the apple corn salsa and a jug of cider. Farmer's Market Wednesdays, what're you gonna do?

Who's coming with me to this: Walter De Maria's The Lightning Field? What happens if you gets no lightning? Hit up Taos?

Gat damn, O-Dub was so right... Adisa Banjoko's Source drama is edutaining as all hell.

Mint & Serf opening on Friday: Beyond Morning

Preshaa- mellow illustrations to click through.

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April 12, 2005

Staying Out of Trouble


How come I don't get little record icons next to my entries a la Captain's Crate? ix is banned from News & Booze.

I've always wanted to drive around the city in an ice cream truck for a summer, but since Via's barely cutting rent these days, I'll probably have to settle for one of these. Getting ready to get my mango pina piraguas on.

The video for America We Stand As One is backflipping-ly good. There is nothing that is not awesome about it, and I'm sorta expecting to find out in like two weeks it's a gag. I can't even feel embarrassed for the guy; for the three or four minutes this whole thing's going on, I'm convinced that the coolest thing ever is to rock a leather blazer over a USA basketball jersey. When Via finally gets around to video, rest assured, we'll be aiming for stuff like this.

For the design nerds: Get Paid.

...aight fine. ix is back on board. creative bastard es pretty dope.

For all my health-conscious coop-shopping friends: Study: Cloned Meat, Milk Nearly the Same ...it's all good!

"Staying Out of Trouble" posted by ant at 8:31 PM

April 11, 2005

Spling Fring


Lambdacism The use of the sound of l for that of r in pronunciation; lallation; as, Amelican for American.

Our boy Masanori finally got around to updating his site a little. Note to Masa: photos are dope man, but we've gotta work on that site address; it's the most unwieldy looking string of characters we've seen in the longest time.

Urn directed me to Blockhead's video for Sunday Seance over the weekend. Methinks more successful than RJ's vid for The Horror.

Oso Def from Moose Productions say clickity clackity on sofake, the most professional web design firm in the world. Flaaashy.

Kenzan says he was blown away by this: some dood using the Google Maps system with craigslist I guess? Getcher apartment hunt on.

Halcyon/Intuition bredren padati's spin spinnin with Soul Bro Pete Rock at the Red Bull Music Labs this Sunday. Wooooojah!

Finally-- Caps & Jones and catchdubs are doing a joint mixtape release party at 13 Little Devils this Friiiiiiiday. The Captain already got a sneak peek at Moving In Stereo, the follow-up to the opus that was Bouillabaisse, and his reaction, in so many words, was 'THATSHITISFRESHTODEFDOPE.' *check back later for a link to d/l Bouillabaisse... I tell you these guys is good.

"Spling Fring" posted by ant at 12:06 PM

April 8, 2005

Tell 'em!


Spent the morning rebuilding computadora, am now primed to be audi until who knows when. Not staying indoors. If you like talking about your marijuana use and want to get paid a little sumpin sumpin, meet me at I dunno... let's say Stuyvesant Park and the Westside today.

A little behind on stereogum's Jacko posting, but wanted to add another audible treat to the mix... Human Nature Pt. 2 by Youngblood Brass Band. This song has started me day off right so many times in the past couple of weeks; I had to share. Props to Chris and ix for putting me on to these guys.


Urn hits me off with another goodie: Madlib Interviewed in a Park by Radna Rumping for the Dutch radioshow Lijn 5 ...Otis is a funny dood. Why are hip hoppers so into aliens? Has anybody touched one of these yet? It also scares me.

This is kinda dope: Stussy files suit on Freshjive for parodying their logo (that part's not so dope, it's more FJ's response) ...scroll to the bottom and check Shawn Stussy rocking the design in question in support of the other team. Real thorough statement by Mr. Klotz, cool calm collected. Mucho precision. (via Crailtap!)

Peace to ix in Oakland... if you were trying to get away from the cold yous left 2 weeks too late knuckaaaaa.

"Tell 'em!" posted by ant at 1:36 PM

April 7, 2005

We will all become farmers.


Mr. Sasso forwarded me a really long and painfully pessimistic article from Rolling Stone today: The Long Emergency: What's going to happen as we start running out of cheap gas to guzzle?. A good read if you can get past the crazy alarmist "we're all gonna die shitfuckfuckshitdeathdiediedie" tendencies of the writer, Mr. James Howard Kunstler. Dood seems pretty interesting, any metro studies folks wanna fill me in?

Congress Seeking Pardon for Boxer Jack Johnson ...an effort lead by John McCain? Same McCain who opposed Martin Luther King Day in AZ? Same McCain who later called the Confederate flag offensive? Same McCain who used the word 'gook' in public? Bah? Eh, I'm being polarizing... dunno enough about the senator, but I can say he's pretty entertaining on talk shows. Points for you Johnny boy, and hey, from a gook at that.

Michael Bay helms Transformers As much as we all love to clown the duo of Bay and Bruckheimer, come on now... it's Transformers. It needs to be on some big budget sweeping slow-mo low-angle shot steez. Plus James Cameron seems to have his hands full with Battle Angel. At least we know it won't be Robot Jox, right? Right?

Exposif Exhibition illy wallpapels.

Also... because I haven't big-upped Muppets enough yet: here. You telling me fruits with eyes don't make you smile? You a liar. Accompanying story here: Cookie Monster Advocating Eating Healthy.

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April 6, 2005

Berfday Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuit


You know it hit 70 today. Fuggacomputah. Come back tomorrow. Fug that. Come back next winter.

Spent a monitor-less afternoon with the lovely and talented Chinaka and Bassey eating farmer's market scones and talking to kids about weed. That is what is up.

Chi-rocka is also hosting the NYU Spades Club Tournament on Thursday the 14th for those of you who like to talketh the trash and get whooped on.

DJ Klock doing the wiki wiki at Triple Crown with Shing02, cool guy and inventor of the Faderboard, which, honestly, still scares the shit out of me.

Eh, that's all I got. You shouldn't be indoors anyway.

"Berfday Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuit" posted by ant at 11:16 PM

April 5, 2005

Nothing like a good ol' knife on the train...


Temperature hits the 60s again and already the kids have got wylin' out on the brain. So another Via PSA then, for anyone else who gets stuck on a train with the fightin' youf.

Lies About Knife Fighting. Bestest quote: There are many so-called "experts" who claim to be able to teach you either knife fighting or defense against a knife. The problem is that most of them are just teaching regurgitated martial arts, usually from the Philippines. While I have lots of respect for the martial arts of other lands, the truth is that you live where you do. Odds are you are not in a "knife culture."

I've always kinda assumed there was something 'knifey' about those Filipinos, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it...

Continuing on the Filipino tip: US Still Juking the Manongs

ixley says: NaNoWriMo. Go write yourself a novel.

Urn points to an interesting MIA-related essay, touches on issues of representation: Dancing with Myself

The LA Times clowns the Minutemen.

Barnstormers' motion paintings make me happy. Apostrophe has enhanced many a Via brownie party.

Polishing off the entry with lighthearted fare, and at the same time probably dating myself (or pointing out how clueless I am in regards to pop culture): Wacky Packs! (props to Mr. Sasso for putting me on)

April 4, 2005

Dear America...


What a wack title for an entry... sounds like I'm about to bust into some "DEMOCRACY IS HYPOCRISY INEQUALITY IN SOCIETY I SPIT FIYAH-TY yadda yadda TRAVEL ON IN BABYLON" spoken word tirade (not that there's anything wrong with that... some of our best friends are said firespitters... except they dope and not as prone to the above brand of blanket ranting).

Point is, taxes were done this weekend, cursories were cursed, temples were rubbed, walls were punched, and Sin City was seen like a mufugga (you all know where to peep the trailers; included link is more to schools yourself on the books) to relieve some tension. Worked like whoa; left the theater with a wide grin and that magic fanboy feeling. Good looks to Robert Rodriguez for throwing Frank Miller's name first on the director's credit. Respeck!

Whatever tho... broke even this year, can't complain too much. Oh wait... YES I CAN. Rassum frassum counter-intuitive forms and phonebook-sized instructions... how come this never got implemented??? A project from 1994 to redesign the 1040, but for whatever reason the form sitting on my desk still looks like some dood in a suit vomited random numbers and letters on a page and handed it over like "here, you figure it out." Boooooo.

Red Falls Out of Favor As Teacher's Choice You parents are too sensitive. Stuff like this makes me want to become a teacher just so I can start using red PAINT to mark up all your kids' mistakes. They're growing up soft! Where the teeth?

Rock N' Roll Camp for Girls is coming to Brooklyn. Donate that MPC you bought during your Anticon phase and all those vintage synths you copped on eBay when you fronted like you were lo-fi.

More self-esteem for the kiddies: Girls On the Run. If they could just add an "E for eating" a la Noreaga, their acronym could be GORE. And that would be dope.

As far as helping out the boyos in regards to body image: WrestleMania 21 Results. Two of the boffo-est of boffos, Batista and John Cena, walked away the new champs. So uh... be like them.

Captain Planet recommends Jabu, "a rad play about Alfred Jarry- another young artistic genius who killed himself with drugs. Outrages, funny, cool music."

"Dear America..." posted by ant at 3:41 PM

April 1, 2005

Some spider bited my chest and now I got 3 nipples.


Caps & Jones at 13 Little Devils tonight doing the Nice Up on it. Go get your sweat frenzy on before the rain hits tomorrr.

BBC asks long-dead Bob Marley for interview

I Park Like An Idiot (via Crailtap!)

PSYOP ...we always like checking on these folks because the stuff they do makes us want to hole up in a vault for a couple years to get our After Effects on. There's one clip in particular that we can't direct link to but highly highly recommend, so it involves a little bit of work on the reader's end. Go to "Platinum Select", then click on "Brazil." Subtle!

Monterey Aquarium Releases White Shark
"The larger she grew, the more that human safety and animal welfare concerns became a factor in our thinking," said Randy Hamilton, vice president of husbandry for the aquarium. "It's more risky to handle a larger animal." ..."so we released it to the wild, where it will almost certainly eat your children."

Was really bummed to find out that comedian Mitch Hedberg passed away on Wednesday. Still have really fond memories of putting off papers for hours just watching his routines with DZ. Some gems (sorry, no a/v) can be found here:

"I wish I had an easy phone number to remember. I wish it was something like 222-2222. Then if somebody asked me, 'hey mitch what's your phone number?' I could say, 'just press 2 for awhile. When I answer you will know you have pressed 2 enough.' "

Triple A's bits:

90 BPM -french site, american rappers. classic apc footage

popzoot -german site, all genres of music videos