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June 29, 2005



Proof positive that News & Booze is much better with Urn on the mix, our mans in Chocolate City has been keeping us well stocked on the linkage.

Heep Hop VeedeeOhs at Nobody Smiling, including one I'd never seen before from Bobby Bobby Bobby Digi Digi Digi allupinthatasslikeaVictoria'sSecretWedgie.

I know we should be beyond getting irked by shiz we read in Vice but that article this month about slavery myths was sorta foul. Shrug it off I guess? Eh, whatever. Hopefully Time educates a little more: Slavery Up Close.

On the Outs starring Judy Marte (Juicy Judy from Raising Victor Vargas) opens July 13th at the Film Forum.

For the skate kids, involves a little bit of work: Skate More ...go find the Daewon commercial in the videos section. I don't really keep up with 411 anymore so I hadn't seen any of these before... alls I know is I was one of the bajillion kids jocking Mr. Song and 'tech' style in the World Industries days. Anyway, fun stuff, and proof that it still doesn't come that easy for the pros.

Every time I come around... (via Moses the Mexican)

Delicious Library is a pretty mellow app for Macs that catalogs your books, movies, music, and video games. Also via Moses, who says the process of cataloguing is a major time sucker-upper, but kinda cool nonetheless.

MR Catra - O fiel -says it's the first documentary about Baile Funk.

Finally, goes Urn: on the heels of a "King Kong" film, some potent commentary on the nature of the original that prompts some questions concerning its remake: King Kong: Race, sex, and rebellion ...also I heard in the new version Kong hits the pipe and possesses an uncanny, even natural, sense of rhythm.

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June 27, 2005

Back to the Grind


Awww... almost 3 for 3. K, maybe not. But props as always to friends fam and new folks who came on out to dance and welcome Captain P's Gumbo Funk EP into the greater world (ie outside of 877 Park Place). And of course extra thanks to Tierso and Caps & Jones, who, swear to god, are seriously a party in themselves (Will got them white girls on lock!) Good times good times.

But yup, we'll be posting up a page for Gumbo Funk soon for folks to preview snippets and cop a copy. Also will be posting up ix's 2nd mix for Via in the Loose Tape section within the week, and what else what else... new splash pages for the summer also coming to keep things a smidgen fresh. And when we finally get some time, possibleye will start working on the online ordering stuff so as we can relieve ourselves of some of this backstock. Should leave our (ixley's) hands full for a minute.

This may be old news, but... wait, what? Time Mag is as Hip as Any Tagger, You Hear? (via Gawker)

Brother Urn chimes in from his deathbed in DC:

Jeff Chang's excellent commencement speech delivered to the 2005 class of UCLA's Asian American Studies program (definitely don't have to be Asian to be inspired by this). Don't remember much about our commencement cept for clowning Charlie as we watched him fall asleep on stage. Yyyyyyeah Gallatin. Oh and then also being stupid hot in Washington Square (I think I took the Hippocratic Oath somewhere in there too. Who needs med school when you've got blanket all-university graduations?)

From Dantrification: Blacks and Jews, Part One and Part Two. I'm gonna say it, I'm gonna say it... challah! yuk yuk.

And the bullshit site of the year goes to: EX Ministries.

Aaron's commentary:
I tried to post up on their bulletin board, but it said that my message would have to be "approved by the site" or something like that. Fat chance of that happening. But yeah, well recycled from the days of KISS and Black Sabbath, here's another Minister waging war on Devil Music...in this case, Hip hop..though he also includes tirades against Indie Arie, Jill Scott, and Alicia Keys, amongst many. It'd be laughable if it weren't so fucking sad and especially if he didn't have a whole churchful of youth actually believing his garbage.

Finally, catchdubs is throwing up his Saul Williams mixtape for kids to download and fileshare to their hearts' content. Someone find us a Safari-compatible video for Black Stacey please. We liked List of Demands, and admittedly, got a little gossipy when we saw Suheir all up in it. Silly poets.

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June 23, 2005

Via Summer Seasonal blahblahblahblahblah...

VIA Seasonal * SUMMER 2005 // The Gumbo Funk EP Release Party
What is "Gumbo Funk?" Allow yourself to be introduced properly when this left-field DJ lineup breaks down the barriers between funk and crunk, between all things hype and hopping from the first world to the third and outward into the bumpisphere. Get there early for free SPARKS (and $3 Buds) and sweat through the summer night whilst getting your dirty groove on. Free Via t-shirt and Bastardjazz giveaways, new mix CDs for the first 100 in the door, and your chance to pick up Captain Planet's highly anticipated GUMBO FUNK EP before anybody else gets their greasy fingers all over it!

The Players in Stereo
*Captain Planet (Via // WNYU // bywayof.net)
*The Illegible DJ Caps & Pandemonium Jones ("Moving in Stereo" // capsandjones.com // thestencil.com)
*Tito Rock (Dem Boys // djtitorock.com)

Saturday, June 25th 10PM-4AM
@ Bar Eleven (152 Orchard Street b/w Rivington and Stanton)
21+ // no cover


Swear that's the last you'll ever hear about above function. Trust us, we're over bombarding you foos too. But... if you just so happen to be in the LES and just so happen to feel like dancing... come on out and join us.

Shouts also to home skillets at The Stencil, Halcyon, Bastardjazz, and Catchdubs for the support. As Caps says, mutual admiration society; yous alls the champs.


Bigfoot is 30! Not that Bigfoot.

Why did it take a 4th generation Japanese-Chinese hybrid em-effer like Kenzan to inform me of this? What, like I forgot to pay my dues this month? I should have first knowledge of these things! Also- Why there are so many gat damn Nguyens.

Oso Def comes correct again with Bush's Bald Fetish. Matt's also finishing a project with Moose Productions about one of the last flophouses in the city: The White House Hotel: Life at the End of the Bowery.

DZ's dood Danny Molad is doing cooley things at Sounds Like a Fire.

That's bout it for me. Spurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs jeah (gotta stick with our man Bobby Horry)... see erryone on Saturday.

June 22, 2005

We Will Remind Yous Only One More Time.



...and other shiz:

Mr. Abad at The Math Club did us real proud showing up in the Wall Street Journal as a phishing expert. The best part is how the article sorta paints Chris as a good guy... research my ass... mufugga, don't front like you're not trading PIN #'s on your lunch break! Always blaming the gypsies...

Fuck Japan! (sent by Pasulka, who rides a longboard but is a pretty dope girl regardless)

Oso Def go like: multimedia benjamin.

Tricks of the Trade ...starting with corporate worker. (via lifehacker)

And stealing from other blogs some more:

Whoa! Dood really does look like the Six Flags geriatric! (via Gawker)

Finally, uh... some actual Via news for a change (wtf?)... since up to about a week ago the only channel we received at Park Place was uh... UPN that only worked when the TV was propped at um... a 45 degree angle, we're kinda behind on the whole television thing. But a birdie in Harlem informed us today she was rocking a crispy Back to Nature tee when approached by this show. If anyone can confirm this later on in the year and possibly cop a copy of the episode, it'd be much appreciated. We can't remember these things, and we sure as hell ain't paying for cable anytime soon.

June 20, 2005

Via Summer Seasonal Week


This may get annoying but... WE HAVING A PARTY. Sorry folks, we need a good turnout to pay rent this month, and Via Summer Seasonal sounds slightly more fun than Via Verizon Bill Fundraiser. Anyway, tell your friends and your friends' moms' moms and their moms' moms' moneys to come on out. Friendly no frills dance party plus Captain P's Gumbo Funk EP finally gets a proper release. Charlie put in his hours for this projecto, and it's been chilling for a minute... we're super proud of the dood, and hope you guys smell what he's cooking. As for the new mix we'll be giving out at the party, Mr. Ixley just polished off the recording a few hours ago, and it's shaping up to be quite solid. Straightforward bumping hip-hop, efficient blends, precision scratching... definitely that yellow half emerging. The expected consistency from ixley; kids won't be disappointed.

Aight, back to regularly scheduled linkage:

I'm Lovin' It ...honestly, I sorta just laughed off the straight cornball commercials, especially the ones marketed towards the "urban neo-soul" set (btw...can anyone get me lyrics to some of those songs? I swear on my Arch Deluxe that one of em rhymed McFlurry, no joke), and I even managed to not put my head through a wall when I found the I Am Asian site, but ayoooooo. Plastic decks and trucks don't help anybody.

Japanese commuter warriors read this. How bout the only rule for the NY version is DON'T LET THE HANDICAPPED SEAT SWING UP AND MAKE THAT SMACKING SOUND WHEN YOU LEAVE THE TRAIN. That shiz shaves 5 years off my life every time...

Some visual stimuli:

Aya Kato you are fresh (via Beautiful/Decay).

Polite Winter be a dialogue between James Jean and Kenichi Hoshine and it is uh... really really cool.

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June 16, 2005



Yyyyeah... folks may have noticed the recent outages the site's been having as of late. I'm gonna guess the White Supremacists have some hand in this, but that may be assuming that we're popular enough for the Klan to notice, so maybe not.

But um... because we can't really call when the site's due for its next meltdown, this post shalt be a big 'un (as opposed to a little 'un, or a pear-shaped 'un... whatchu know about David Faustino??) and hope it covers folks for a minute.

First things first though... PLUGGING.


VIA Seasonal * SUMMER 2005 // The Gumbo Funk EP Release Party
What is "Gumbo Funk?" Allow yourself to be introduced properly when this left-field DJ lineup breaks down the barriers between funk and crunk, between all things hype and hopping from the first world to the third and outward into the bumpisphere. Get there early for free SPARKS (and $3 Buds) and sweat through the summer night whilst getting your dirty groove on. Free Via t-shirt and Bastardjazz giveaways, new mix CDs for the first 100 in the door, and your chance to pick up Captain Planet's highly anticipated GUMBO FUNK EP before anybody else gets their greasy fingers all over it!

The Players in Stereo
*Captain Planet (Via // WNYU // bywayof.net)
*The Illegible DJ Caps & Pandemonium Jones ("Moving in Stereo" // capsandjones.com // thestencil.com)
*Tito Rock (Dem Boys // djtitorock.com)

Saturday, June 25th 10PM-4AM
@ Bar Eleven (152 Orchard Street b/w Rivington and Stanton)
21+ // no cover

Don't worry, I'll be posting more about this uh... I dunno, everyday til the 25th? Zero budget promotions!

...now to give shine to other fine events occurring not-online:

10deep family is releasing Volume 7: SunLovers (mixed by DJ Ayres) this Saturday at the Rub-a-Dub, Max Glazer and Eddie Stats of HEAVYWE1GHT Sessions holding the floor with Ayres... the mix is on some soundtrack to summer tip, pleez beelee. Via folks will definitely be in attendance.

For folks on the left coast (North and South Califas), Catchdini and A-Trak are hitting you at Milk on Friday and The Rec Center on Saturday.

After you watch Batman like 700 times, you may wanna catch the opening of the new IFC Film Center, where Miranda July's Me and You and Everyone We Know will be screening. While this movie has no Humvee-based vehicles or batarangs, it still managed to win awards and positive reviews. I don't know how critics work either.

Good looks to Daisy for putting me onto Rooftop Films -underground movies outdoors.. clever clever.

...bah. NYC in the summer overload... too much cool shit to do... just go here and sort it all out for yourself. I like how Grizzly Bear fools keep us in the loop too... East River Music Project???? Blowing up, boyos!

...and closing off with some random steez:

Oni Press is putting on an open talent search for those of you (me) who still wanna be comic book artists.

Pac-Man's only 25?

FINALLY... SIGN THIS like yesterday. I know it seems like we've been heavy on the petitions lately (2 in a week), but seriously folks... the children are our future. Pffffffftttt... how bout kids who grow up without Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow are gonna be all sorts of dumbtarded and boring and let's face it... prolly ugly.

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June 13, 2005

Jooky is a Party in a Can.


That sizzurp crap was starting to get a little wiggy so it's back to getting zooted and praying to the god of skinny punks for all ailments.

Another mellow Gothamist interview, this time with Michael Showalter. His directorial debut, The Baxter, shows on Wednesday at Rockefeller Center's Drive-Thru Movie Series, along with Dave LaChapelle's Rize on Tuesday.

Rubber Johnny by Chris Cunningham, music by Aphex Twin. Not to be confused with Little Johnny, or Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. Who's down for some self-induced sleep deprivation?

Katie Holmes Converting to Scientology ...Tom Cruise says she digs it. DZ says Tom Cruise looks like he's doing Ben Stiller doing Tom Cruise. I say for all your Scientology needs go here and here and if one of you suckers tries stepping to me with the battery meter at Pacific-Atlantic again you's gonna get slapped like a mime.

Gear for Groms ...dope!

Yo!Aloha ...one of me mentors at Zoo now doing his thing on the West... here some old Mazda spots from a year or so ago.

Just in case you find yourself having to buy presents for junior high school-aged Asian girls: Goblinko. With the cutesy and what not.

More on why we should prolly yknow... reconsider the whole death penalty thing: Death Row Inmate's Conviction Overturned.

"Jooky is a Party in a Can." posted by ant at 4:34 PM

June 10, 2005

Horseflies On My Face


Spinna and Co. are bringing it again tonight with Soul Slam VI: The Official Michael Jackson vs Prince Event. No love for the Tauruses this time round... Geminis get in free before midnight.

If the sweatbox doesn't suit you, or maybe after, or maybe before you've gotten your lascivious dance technique on, possibly peep Liquor & Ice Cream... easy on that tribal and deep house crap though. Yeeesh.

"If customers insist on shark's fin soup we will agree to serve it to them but with a leaflet carrying information on how shark fins are harvested." -BWAAAAAAAAHAH. You dunny Asians.

..Seriously though. Them shark fins is gooooooood.

Forgot to big up our boy Proce and his Non Objectives show which opened last night at The Showroom. So um... big ups Brian, apologies for not making it out.

AND more apologies to homey James for not making it out to BE NICE same night. Trust us we're trying here. And yes, all of these apologies are stemming from the fact that the VIA SUMMER SEASONAL is rapidly approaching and we best get on the good foot with folks before all our friends duck out on us in spite.

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June 8, 2005



Already changed clothes twice today. Beeeeyooty. We sweat lodging it in the house real nice, lines for cold showers and such. Plus this hair's sorta getting unruly.. es time to get my Astor on, although truthfully I've never walked out of that place without sporting an unwanted Caesar. Booty.

I generally like to steer clear of political punditry because this isn't really the forum to front like I know something about anything. Gets really easy (lazy) to be cynical of everything the government does, but seriously, this is still a little bit troubling: Downing Street Memo. Representative John Conyers, Jr. gots a letter to the prez concerning these documents that you can sign if ye care to.

On a lighter note: Daisy is dying right now. Yyyyeah I can't lie, this is pretty good god funny. Hell, I feel better about myself already.

Manhunt Brooklyn ...whoa! Skip all the heavy-handed rhetoric about reclaiming public space and blahblahblah... tomorr we playin hide n' seek! (via Gothamist)

More from Gothamist: Freelancers' advice. We like the fuck you pay me technique.

The first of Rob Dyrdek's Skate Plazas opens this weekend in his hometown of... Kettering, Ohio. Score one for the Midwest-is-young-and-restless.

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June 6, 2005

99-cent Sssips, Codeine Cough Syrup, Schweaty Balls


Yyyyyyeah... that AC I kept telling myself I'd buy last summer still ain't here and uh... hot damn I'm paying for it. Summer came up, tapped me on the shoulder, then punked me in the faceplate. Park Place football in the streets til 2 am woooooooo boy Crown Heights popping proper.

ix says he'll punch me if I ever call links 'bangers,' so uh... here be some good distractions for yer Moonday.

O-Dub holds back a proper serving of Ben Rubinstein of Popmatters. (via Poplicks)

J-Shep ain't playin (via Cowboyz 'n' Poodles)

Toronto Bleah hooked this one up: Lumasol-Lightgraffiti ...8 year-old in me is sorta intrigued, but then I start picking up on the Euro-lounge-downtempo-techno-whatever bumping in the background and the cynicism kicks in with the quickness. God, just speak some American already.

I haven't kept up with Gossiping Bitches in a minute, but when DZ showed me this article, I damn near pissed myself: Percee P and Busdriver Collide, Create "Bubble of Space-Time".

Ix forwards some food-for-thought: Love=Psychosis. So what? Maybe she didn't get the first 6 voicemails, ever think about that?

Remember Black People Love Us? Mellow interview with Jonah Peretti, Director of R&D at Eyebeam.

Hip-Hop High and the design behind it.

STEM Videos -I'd peeped the Bigg Jus one a minute ago (wasn't really feeling it) but the Blockhead piece is illy.

Finally, I find it completely AWESOME that I'm looking up medical advice on this page: Stormfront White Nationalist Community: Free Medical Advice.

June 3, 2005

We Put the 'Blood' in GoodGodWhyAmICoughingBlood...


Yo O! WTF is up with that Airborn??? Effervescent nothing. Did what the instructions said and the only thing I got to show for it is being hopped up on Codeine and Z-Paks missing Devin the Dude and Kraftwerk like a sucker.

Irregardlessly, the links are backing up in the queue and I'm sort of getting my vision and uh, typing strength back, so... with minimal commentary:

Open Bar and All-You-Can-Drink Specials at New York City bars and clubs (via Gothamist)

Rockstar Games' The Warriors ...sposed to be Final Fight-ish? Why do I own a Gamecube again?

Yaaaoooo... somebody find this video with the quickness. Sounds flipping amazing-good.

4th25 ...damn. What's really real.

Oddjack -Gambling blog? In there like swimwear, hot dayum.

From DZ: Media That Matters Fest ...our doods from Battleground Minnesota are on there, along with a pretty cool short titled "Pizza Surveillance Feature" (Video #3)

Preview Little Brother's The Chittlin Circuit 1.5 before The Minstrel Show drops later on this year.