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July 21, 2005

Peace to You and You and You...


Ayyyyy... your regular News & Booze correspondent, Thugsy Bogues, is going on sabbatical for a hot minute. Subbing in for the next couple of weeks will be none other than the infamous couch-crashing internet-stealing Yao Bling, Mr. Urn Stlingferrow. Not that folks haven't already been introduced to dood when he did fill-ins a little bit ago, but still.. I gotta post one of my favorite recent quotes by the guy just to let you know what you're in for:

"I had a day when I was working at Whole Foods without insurance but with a hurting back, with James Brown's "Say it Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud" blaring over the loudspeakers, and an asshole customer in front of me reading Adbusters off the rack, when i thought the irony would make my head explode."

Knowledge jewels on the daily. Enjoy Aaron's shenanigans people.

I was gonna do a last real post post, but eh... packing awaits. For now I'm gonna break folks off with the promo clip DZ and Moose3 put together for Tropic of Cancer that I promised earlier in the week: Tropic of Cancer Promo Clip. Speaking of which, the closing event for that pops off tomorr.. good times good times with Puerto Rico's Candela Crew.

Thugsy Bogues out. And remember, these peeps do it better:

The Stencil
Can't Stop Won't Stop

See yous all in 5 weeks.

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July 19, 2005

Dolla Piraguas.


Coconut Mango on tropical days like this, but the new champ be the Blueberry/Lime, which radiates all kind of day-glo greeny blueness and pretty much looks like coolant but is slightly more refreshing.

Linksplosion today to keep folks unworking in the heat:

The Village People 'Cop" lives in a trailer park in Daly City... he was pound in possession of a pirearm and arrested on suspicion of six pelony counts yuk yuk... yeah I'm only including this link to make fun of you Pinoys, what? Village People 'Cop' in Trouble With Law

Another cool DIY mag to peep: Make... like ReadyMade, but with robots and LED lights and stuff. But so fresh that I found this on there:
This Thomas Wall Clock is made out of paper, popsicle sticks and pencils. The only tools used in building this clock were tweezers, fingernail clippers and a razor blade! It took inmate Roger Sutton four months to build it! He says it keeps great time!

Squeak E. Clean Productions Sam Spiegel looky like David Arquette. The 2mex joint is my uh... joint. (via Skate Fairy... where else do I get my LA news from?)

Plague Domes

Astro Studios, the folks behind the sorta oogly XBOX 360.

New Elemental out, and while that mag for the most part sorta hurts my eyes with the text smashed up in boxes and what with the non-existent gutters, what you really gotta peep is the fashion spread styled by our famalam Beba Night. Lady been grinding for a minute, one of the hardest workers we know.

Some alum alum bits:

NYU: Dream school or 'evil empire' neighbor? and The NYU Suicides doc (via Catchdubs)

Finally- high-fives for Phoebe Cates! Erm I mean... Caps & Jones getting love from Spin. You doods are buying the first round of lobsters.

And Finally Part 2: Beatbox Orchestra (via Pop Licks)

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July 18, 2005

Like When if Voltron Got an Extra Appendages.


Big tings, big tings... first we should go over some site updates: folks may have noticed our flash-fandangled bottom corner animation slide features box has finally been updated to big ups the ever-expanding Loose Tape section. As folks know, ix's A Year in the Making was recently posted for your listening pleasure. The other big news is that Captain Planet's Gumbo Funk EP has finally been made available for purchase on the site. Coppacoppacoppit nownownow. We are very proud of Chaz and the momentum he's building for himself (bout time Bethel!) and the Gumbo Funk moooooooovement.

Via's also very psyched on expanding our lineup with the addition of DZ to the creative monkey squad. You've seen Daniel mentioned on the site before and heard him fast-rapping his head off (and will definitely hear more of his work very very soon)... in due time you'll be peeping some of his viddy and production work. Clips of the joint he just cut with Moose3 up within the week.

July 15, 2005

Crooked Doctors and Side Hustles


One week until me and the ix bounce for a hot minute to the cloud forests, apologies for scattered entries, there be loose ends all over that need to be taken care of.

Dag... why can't you be based in New York? Aardman Animation Jobs.

Canucklehead Bleah thinks the NYChildren Photography Project is awesome. I can't get anti-hippie cynical enough to disagree. But I will say the Swedish and Israeli kids they got pictured on the site aren't really jiving with the ethnic stereotypes I'm trying to cling to.

Beatdawg. Featuring Deep Crates: The Movie.

YOOOOOOOOOOO! DO NOT EVER..... EVEREVEREVEREVEREVER...PERSONIFY GENITALS. I am waaaaaaay too disturbed to be educated.

Super interesting article about New Zealand's official efforts to revive Maori language and culture: Tiny New Zealand's big role in restorative justice.

Moses the Mexican is always good for keeping me posted on Ebaum shenanigans: Dead Dove. Eastern Euro death grip!

Dave Chappelle loves World of Warcraft. Geek out, bitches.

Finally... welcome to the ugly world of fake research. Keep expanding yer CVs ya crooks.

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July 12, 2005

We Play Scratchers Full-Time Now.


Okay so that fool Urn is sleeping on our couch, he's got a login to post up entries, and fool is STILL sending me links?? Oh I see how it is now... so now the Yellows are taking the jobs that even the Blacks won't take huh?

Irregardlessly, Tropic of Cancer was on some serious freshness; the Park Place crew had ourselves a fun time before closing off the night with Caps & Co. (Congratulations to Mr. Mike Famous on his first night out on the decks-- you got some good teachers with you home skillet). Pictures and vids up soon.

Mr. Abad at the The Math Club is gearing up for some serious derelickery with W00w00 campathon 2005 ...this is what happens when kids our age make fistloads of cash. Fly me out on the private jet and I'll definitely be down to shoot things and piss Jager.

When you're done peeping The Captain's Ragga Hop entry, mosey on over to the BBC and get your Fashion & Dance Instruction on.

Sometimes past obsessions resurface and I get hit with random bouts of curiosity again. Anyway, a couple years back I was fixated on trying to see Disney and Dali's Destino; kept missing screenings until it eventually slipped my mind... something something something got me looking it up again and found that NPR had posted up 2 clips of it here. Mellowy.

Blowing up Borat's Spot. (via Gothamist).

Oh almost forgot... Danny did China.

And RZA's guest-editing BoldType this month.

"We Play Scratchers Full-Time Now." posted by ant at 7:05 PM

July 8, 2005

Boom Swagger


Late night entry, just came back from Cap'n P ripping a night at Bembe doing fill-ins for Busquelo.

Speaking of dood, he's putting together a very very cool function kicking off this weekend. Tropic of Cancer, "an annual art and music benefit themed around the 'soul of the tropics,' returns this July with another stunning lineup of artists and DJs. The collaborators will transform the 7500 sq ft Supreme Trading gallery and bar into a sensory journey through the cultures of the equator. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Small Planet Fund, supporting grassroots movements around the world fighting the root causes of hunger and social injustice." Via may be doing some documentation of the event, very excited to be helping out.

For all you crooks stealing our bandwidth: Man Charged With Stealing Wi-Fi Signal.

Just missed Magnifico. Dang.

In another case of non-Viets schooling me on my peoples, that brother Urn hooked up a gem of a link: Is hip-hop mere fashion or a dangerous trend? I came across a store called Hip-Hop ATL in a mall in Saigon last year, no doubt one of the first "urban" shops in the country, and good lord shiz was a trip. If i hadn't lost my digital camera I'd definitely share photos of the spot... misinterpreted cultural signifiers ALL UP IN IT. Bootleg Independent fanny packs next to chain wallets next to bootleg PNB next to a pretty dope graf mural.. tried to hit them off with some tees to sell right up until I realized our price point um... pretty much amounted to what most folks there made in a week.

More goodness from Urn with an eBay treasure: They said the villain been spittin enough lightnin to rock shock the boogie down to Brighton... aight then. (note: The Stencil completely got the jumps on this one... shaking my fist, Will! But good looks on rocking the Via logo in Cambridge... all is forgiven).

Director's Label: Series 2 looks like it's gonna be pretty diggity dope. Mark Romanek, Stephane Sednaoui, Jonathan Glazer, and Anton Corbijn. (via Skate Fairy)

A Tribute to Ray HarryHausen... whatchoo know about Skeletor?

Finally, folks who know me know that pretty much the only tv I can digest is wrestling. It's ironic viewing, I swear. No it isn't. Everything else on the tube is dumb-dumb enough, might as well go the whole way and just cheer on boffos as they fake-beat the shit outta each other, right? Anyway... I don't really offend easy, but given today's events in London, I'm surprised UPN didn't cut this segment out altogether. Had a little scrolling marquee saying that parental discretion was advised, but c'mon doods... you're not really helping here.

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July 5, 2005

Taco Tuesday


Yyyyyeah effects of no income already appearing. Props to Dino and the gang at Luke and Leroy for El Taco Loco keeping the kids well fed and blotto.

...so if folks haven't already noticed, we're making good on some of our promises from last week. First off, we're very proud to be featuring Mr. Davis T. Moss's photography on our summer splash pages. This is where Via dwells- enjoy the scenery folks.

Secondly, we've upped Jef the Chef's 2nd Via mix to Loose Tape. A Year in the Making is seriously that-- ixley's been sitting on this mix since forever and finally got some time in between making paella and yelling at our service provider to record the thing and throw it out there for the masses. Don't mind his write-up.. as we've hinted at before, ix is the quiet one who hasn't really figured out how to communicate outside programming language. Irregardlessly, dood talks with his hands pretty nice and has cooked up a real solid addition to the Loose Tape library. Peep stream download share.

Lacostey Daisy directed me towards a pretty disturbing feature in New York: Man-Hunting With the High-School Dream Girls. I encountered a number of these in the study I was on and.. yeah, it's definitely unsettling stuff.

Urn say W. Ellington Felton es dope, and we agree.

Popmatters examines when and where Soul left R&B: Rhythm and Bullshit?: The Slow Decline of R&B, Part One: Rhythm & Business, Cultural Imperialism and the Harvard Report

Our boy Sebastian is producing an interview with Sufjan Stevens for Soundcheck on WNYC, airing tomorrow round 2 pm-ish. Non-NYCers can stream here.

Oso Def gives us eye candy for days. Dooooooood, where's the vaporizer?

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July 1, 2005

...yeah, and? Maybe we like being poor!


Yao! Me and the ix officially quit our official employments! Wooooooooooooooooooo no more steady income, wooooooooooo no more health benefits, feeling good feeling great feeling... panicky? Pffffft... call it never recovering from losing summer vacation. Got some months before I have to start worrying about Thirstin Howl-ing it.

Off to the Noguchi Garden to celebrate some freedom, in the mean time, some things to marinara-nate on (pretty much all courtesy of Triple-A the link maestro):

...scratch that. This one doesn't need much marinating. It's just a fun time waster: Polaroid-o-nizer (via Poplicks).

Swoon show opens at Deitch next week. Dopedopedopedope.

For the beatmakers, Dynamic Producer sounds like a promising resource, but I can never tell with these organizations. I'm still surprised this hasn't folded.

Urn sent this link to cirKus and then somehow I ended up here ...I can't really explain, and I'm not sure how much time I'm willing invest researching... all i know is HOW DO WE GET A CAN OF AQUA NET TO DANCE AROUND OUR WEBSITE??? WTF??? Triple Bitchin!