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September 27, 2005

Your Mom's An Update.


Yeah yeah yeah... I'm on it.

Oso Def links me from.. (yao Matt where you at?)... somewhere, with the handiest invention ever for the um... well it's not quite for OCD-folk. Yeah no I dunno, germophobes I guess. Eh... the TranStrap already scares me more than boxcutters on the train though. I foresee hooks to the eye.

Whatchu know about the Bicycle Secret Weapon? Interesting historical factoids, although I gotta say, those Amelicans gots it all wrong... I never met a playing card a Viet didn't like.

I sorta made a funny face the entire time I was reading this article: A Mother's Denial, a Daughter's Death.

Whatchu know about Spontaneous Human Involuntary Invisibility? Yes the linkage is in full-swing randomness today and was completely scoured sober, swear.

MC Escher made a Car Commercial. Good lookin' out Senor Pasuuuuuuuuulka from the Windy City.

Giant Squid!!!

Porcelain Trucks. Yes please. (via Crailtap!)

Backpackers can ball too, right? NBA 2K6: The Tracks

J*Davey sound good to me.

I know folks have seen this Honda commercial with the Rube Goldberg machine, but c'mon... es still dope and smileworthy.

...and one more time for Padati and the project he's been grinding on: The Red Bull Artsehcro. Opens this weekend kiddies.

Oh yeah. New splashy pages by the half-breed Ixley! Refresh and see all 10, woooooooooo!!!!! And... tee hee. Chaz got a music video. Posting it sometime in the week, keep on the lookout.

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September 21, 2005

14th Street is not uptown you fuppin jig.


First off, Why I Hated NYU. Yeah I was a freshman once too, but what in flupping fuck? (via Gothamist)

Padati popping off agains at The Dumbo Block Party.

Yellow people do the sing-song. aZiANs rEpRazEnt at In-Tune 2. Bring back the sicknasty '93 too-much-Sun-in bangs and go booking afterwards. Gonnnnnggggg!

If yer gonna take yer work home with you, you might as well be slikwiddit. Lacie got the HD game on lock. Yeah I said it.

Choo Choo. Biebel is funny. (via Skate Fairy)

Beef or Chicken???!!! Fuck if I know what's going on.. Urn sends me the links and I post, no questions. Teriyaki Boyz indeed.

Pam Pulls Plug on Penguin Party. Who's the master of alliteration? (via Paper Mag)

September 19, 2005

Rubble Rubble


So much viddy-o linkage today.

First off, Urn doesn't have a girlfriend. But he does know a woman who'd be mad at him for saying that. Dag, we miss Mitch.

Oso Def checks in from his BBC post in Newcastle to let us know about Sabine Streich, his co-trainer out there and an active figure in the VJ community. Look for the confused preacher he says.

I know this one's been floating around for a minute, but c'mon.. best high school extracurricular music program evarrrrrr: The Shadow Percussion Project. Better than Nintendo Accapella? Methinks so.

In the Lab with Ye ...because most producers work with studio lights over their domes.

Our dood Padati has been steady grinding working on the Red Bull Artsehcro, a "nonconformist orchestra, comprised of sixty collegiate classical musicians from around the world," who will perform the premiere of DJ Radar and Raul Yanez’s entire “Concerto for Turntable” in New York’s Carnegie Hall. Buy tiquetas hurrrrr.

Gary Wilson will write back to you, if Linda lets him.

Angela Chase dancing in New York. (via Gothamist).

The key to autumn's splendor lies in a single protein, muhuhuhahahahahaaaaaa: FtsH6.

Also- Jeff Chang, Thenmozhi Soundararajan, and Anita Johnson shed a little more light on the situation in the Astrodome: Frustration and Survival in the Astrodome.

And finally- marinate on this quotable quote for um.. the rest of 2005 (Juelz Santana's response to Barbara Bush's comments implying that poor people should be happy living in a stadium):

"No disrespect and I really don't mean that, but that sounds like something a stupid bitch would say to me," Juelz offered. "For that to come out of somebody's mouth at a situation like this, the first thing to come out of my mouth would be 'Which stupid bitch said that?' I don't have no personal vendetta against her, so for anybody to say that at a time like this, I would reply with that answer like what type of bitch said that?"

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September 14, 2005

I Started the Tween Empire.


Still trying to regulate my body a little bit here, bear with the minimal commentary. Irregardlessly, the Art Parade was a good amount of fun, hello again to all the folks and fam that came out to um... watch Elijah Wood sticking his head in um... yeah. Speaking of dood, very curious to see how that Joo book translates on screen. Liev Schreiber directing? Eugene Hutz as Alex? Interest peaking..

And now back to artists: Get your health barter on. For folks such as myself who are currently lacking stabby insurance.

Watch Sympathy For Lady Vengeance and meet director Park Chanwook.

Ghosties at the Met brought to my attention by Gilmore. Want to supplement this with a nice stroll round Green-Wood Cemetary circa Halloween-time.

At the risk of revealing some backpacker-ish tendencies, let me just say this is some of the most fun the 'underground' has seen in a minute (I may also be behind on this one): Copywrite Fights.

Plan B is back in the building! And P-Rod in People Magazine last week with pops, wokka wokka!

Homey Daisy took some time outta Fashion Week to fill us in on: Cupcake Wars! Dundundun..

...and your random craigslist interweb meme, courtesy of Carl Lee in Little Saigon.

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September 8, 2005

Shell Shocked to the nth


Ima hafta ween myself back onto these entries, apologies. Still not quite sure if I'm really in Brooklyn right now... definitely parts of brain scattered around Vegas and the Bay. Detox from derelickery is in order.

Quick fun links and factoids for the family (all courtesy of Carlota and Moses in the Yay):

Hands down ugliest animal ever that needs to die yesterday: Naked Mole Rat ...so if you ever need to know what a penis with teeth looks like, there yous go. Also Google-confirmed: fugger can chew through concrete.

We wants this. I'm even willing to say I want this hella bad.

Saw a dood rocking this on the train today: Seiko Drum Machine Watch ..still debating on any sort of usefulness whatsoever, but the novelty is smileworthy.

Reverse Dictionary ...tells me that throat punches are similar to, if not the same, as rabbit punches.

Now I don't really get caught up in the sneaker game so much (Air Max 1's and Half-Cabs will pretty much do it for me, unless someone can offer up a pair of Axion Guy Mariano 1's in the Royal/Yellow colorway challlllah...), but yknow... with all the ballyhooing of iPoddery and iTunery lately, I thought it fitting to give some shine on: Apple Running Shoes.

Our man Mr. Carlovito Santangelo is doing good things with his organization RECYouth, which "trains both AfterSchool youth and teens in digital video and audio production through hands-on exposure to technology and arts instruction.  Students receive technical training in camera operation, sound production, and Final Cut Pro and iMovie editing, with a foundation in research, writing and storyboarding.  They are encouraged to express themselves through film, words and music while learning the skills necessary to become digital storytellers, musicians and filmmakers."

Finally, big big shout outs to Via fam-lay Caps & Jones and their upcoming gig at Milk in SF. Nick rocked it last week, keep the east coast barrage coming kids. 

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September 5, 2005

American Third World


My sincerest wishes of health and safety to everyone in the Gulf States.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on WWL as heard on Air America Radio.

The New York Times finally jumps on the bandwagon of criticism that's been bubbling up in the blogosphere for a minute: America Blog, The Stencil, Poplicks, She Real Cool...it goes on.

Props to my homie who, due to a misplaced digit, donated $1500 (!) to the Red Cross on Friday. I know it's no Puffy-Jay-Z million dollar split, but you still did good, mang. God bless you.

The folks over at Stones Throw Records are auctioning some of their wares toward relief efforts.

Organizations for Hurricane and Flood relief:

The 21st Century Fund
Heal the Hood (David Banner's direct aid to Mississippi)
The American Red Cross*
The Salvation Army
The Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation
Mississippi Hurricane Relief Fund
The Humane Society

*The Red Cross uses 40% of donated funds for administrative costs

Everyone take care and do what you can.

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