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February 3, 2006

Greenhouse Gas is Whupping the Ozone's Ass

My life, my life, my life, my life!

The weather was truly beautiful today. Not as nice as the photo above (c'mon, look how green that is--ain't nothing bloomed or blossomed right now), but damn-near perfect considering the time of year. I can't remember the last February day when I was able to walk around in short sleeves and then eat a late lunch outside in the radiance of a descending sun. Somewhere, a polar ice cap was suffering, but the sunshine was possible the only thing that kept me going today. I think I'm getting sick.

But I hope I feel better tomorrow, cuz I'd planned to attend the National Conference on Organized Resistance which began today and will continue through Sunday at American University (Red line Metro to Tenleytown/AU). If I'm up to it and nobody hops on me thinking I'm Fed-Fed, photographs may ensue.

Polish up on your Fela lyrics for the next Afrobeat kareoke soiree. And please invite if you have one--I'll bring the Star Beers and a sense of righteous indignation.

Not unlike some other blogadores, I've been addicted to YouTube as of late...not for the innumberable and inane teen home videos but rather the classic Hiphop videos (ain't had cable since 1986) as well as other gems and total randomness. My homegirl B also put me up on this vh1 show on a similar grind.

Choose your caption: Kanye gets really high," or "Evil Knegro".

YEEEEEAAAAAUUUHHHH!: I'd kill somebody (probably a reporter) to see these bamas stunt down the red carpet on awards night (thanks Spine Magazine).

And, oh yeah, that music criticism shebang that makes me feel like I have the vocabulary of a toddler is out for this year. Damn you and your colossal lexicon, Christgau!