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December 18, 2006

Happy F***in' Holidays!

If only it weren't from the goddamned Janet-basher...

"Happy F***in' Holidays!" posted by urn at 10:53 PM

December 11, 2006

Quoth the Rza, "Bong-Bong."

Must be the shrooms talking.

U.S.-backed mass murder and former Chilean dictator Augustuo Pinochet died yesterday at age 91. And I hope he burns is hell.

The Dantrification of this Michael Richards mess. Hits the nail right on the head.

The Snowman gets hot and bothered and storms out the studio after Monie Love asks him to consider the current condition of Hiphop given the history of the culture. Maybe him and Weezy need to have that "chill coffee" Baby's baby rapped about, cuz they seeming mighty salty right now.

And speaking of "The Temple" (no KRS), welcome to the Kingdom Come Roundtable. Lord knows I really don't give a make-love cuz it ain't like I've contributed to the Sean Carter Floss Fund since them Reasonable Doubt times, but, for the sake of argument, tadow.

Skateboard Dogsled P. Dis bama done lost his natural mind. Ghostface you are not, dear sir.

Didja hear? Didja hear? This guy is putting out an album. So much for promotion.

Wow. I'd have never guessed that the immigration debate would shift to combating "Eurotrash" graf artists, boosting their "Euro-reps". Without the "New York cred" of a spun Lady Pink quote, this porqueria would be pure comedy. Quality of Life cops should arrest their coworkers.

And, lastly, for anyone who hasn't heard, the tour bus carrying The Coup, Mr. Lif, and their associates had a major accident in which several riders were injured and all of their belongings on-board were damaged or destroyed. If you can, help em out. Read Boots' account of the crash and link to the Paypal collection here.

Supposing I don't blog again for a minute, all y'all out there be healthy and happy and start those New Year's resolutions a lil' early (btw: Thank GOD for the DC Smoking Ban!!!). One.

"Quoth the Rza, "Bong-Bong."" posted by urn at 11:06 AM

December 4, 2006

Bangin' til the Bells Stop Rangin'.


Firstly, on a serious note, WHAT THE FUCK, part too many. Even Pap (who I am no big fan of) rings in. Rest in power, Sean Bell.

I thought the late Dilla's "Won't Do" video was 'sposed to debut on imeem today, but maybe I'm just eager. As if it needs to be said, you know what love is... But at least, on the tru school video tip, Stemspot is getting tuff like cut sleeves (do the knowledge) in NYC's late 70's over at that other media network thingie.

Another word to the Mother-land: K'Naan, Daara J, and Tumi & the Volume drop Continent conscious content. Speaking of which, The New African Films Festival hits AFI Silver here in the DC Metro this Thursday (yeah, New Yorkers. Boohoo.)

The former NYU homie Aziz Ansari is makin' power moves.

Some holy rollers are takin' that Pulp Fiction monologue a little too far: Sam Jack to voice God in new audio Bible.

Countbass D gets down with Dork Magazine.

Filmmaker James Spooner (Afropunk: The Rock N Roll Nigger Experience) has a new flick in production: White Lies Black Sheep. Also in cinemaland, Infamy, directed by Doug Pray (Scratch) is now out on DVD. Buy two a give me a copy for Kwanzaa (it's not condescending/racist if I like the gift).

"Bangin' til the Bells Stop Rangin'." posted by urn at 7:18 PM