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January 31, 2007

Makes me happy.



Raise your kids skating, folks.

"Makes me happy." posted by ant at 9:14 PM

January 15, 2007

Who Reads this Stuff?


This post has nothing to do with MLK Jr., peace, or tolerance. I can ramble on about that stuff plenty, but crawling the web is such a free-form activity, that I don't feel right restricting it sometimes. You could even call it organic. I mean, you probably won't, but the point is, I would.

So I'm probably the furthest thing from a fashion whore, and not a huge lover or fashion mags even, but the artsy fartsy ish gets me sometimes - particularly when there are hot women involved.

This is the closest I'll get to politics today. And it's just some cheap shots at Condi. Not that I usually go for this sort of humor, but she's one of the few people I would ever call a cunt-face, so it seems acceptable - just this one time.

Clean Graffiti. This, I love. Absolutely, I love it.

I'm not really sure if this is making a statement against Google, but it involves the notion of cannibalization, so it gets an automatic green light. If you feel like spicing up your Googling experience and winning prizes while you search, check out the intriguingly gimmicky Blingo.

That is all.

"Who Reads this Stuff?" posted by ixley at 2:47 PM