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March 22, 2007

Just for Fun


Just the name – Disease Mongering Engine – sells me pretty quickly. This site actually has some more sobering content too though. Antibacterial soap can be dangerous? As if I didn't already have enough reasons to distrust 'the man'...

On a more upbeat note though, here's a little DIY tutorial for how to take infrared pics with your digicam.

Yay for breastesses.

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March 16, 2007

We Feel Fine.

It might be more interesting if they had animations of our representatives and you could watch them run around with oversized heads and thought balloons, but this is still something I can appreciate.

We Feel Fine. Kind of has a poetic feel with all the horrible grammar.

I like slow. But SlowMail?

"We Feel Fine." posted by ixley at 1:33 AM

March 12, 2007

So Sleeeeepy


Okay, it's clear that the only part of this site being updated regularly still is the Crate now. But it's not because we don't love posting, it's just that (-insert plausible excuse-).

But just so we don't start growing mold on our faces, here are a couple little personal favorites of late.

While it may not be a MySpace killer, anything that starts toying with territory to crash the gates, I'm all in favor of. Who knows whether this will succeed or fail. I will admit that really, in the end, I just want MySpace to die.

If you are too busy to actually exercise like normal people, then you need the ROM. First you need $14,615. But it will be worth it. This site is incredible for a variety of reasons, but I think I particularly like it for not being afraid to take on the so-called 'experts' and their cursed logic. If you read www.WhyIsItSoExpensive.com, you will realize that combating the 'experts' is one of the main reasons they have to charge so much. Damn those 'experts' I say.

Weird Billboard time lapse soundthingamajig.

And here's a little plug for a movement to urge advertisers to pay to help save the animals, not just exploit them.

"So Sleeeeepy" posted by ixley at 1:13 PM