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October 19, 2005

Even My Sneezes Gots Adlibs.


This here be the Captain Planet appreciation post. Let's be honest- most of you folks are here for the Crate (don't think we don't check the stats.. Via is voyeuristic like you don't know). Anyhow, being how we're all brothers from different mothers here, it's always nice to see family get some well-deserved shine. Charlie's been putting in humble work for the past five years in the city, and heads are finally starting to notice. So without further adieu, some Captain-related linkage:

futureboogie- peep the front page article, complete with interview and guest mix. Peep the dumb lip in the photo!

Remember: Digging Deeper pops off tomorrow at the Leopard Lounge. There will be Thursday night sweatfest dancing with Captain P sharing decks with Cool Gypsy Bogdan (Turntable Lab) as well as Bastard Jazz regs DRM and Sema4.

Oh oh oh.. and almost forgot.. about two weeks ago I sorta hinted that I'd be unveiling a muzak video some mellow folks from Austria sent to us for The Don, a song off The Cap'n's Gumbo Funk EP. Welp kiddies, here it be: The Don, by Illuminati Film. If you're the type that goes on the fritz watching Pikichu eyes, um... possibly watch this in a setting that is free of sharp edges?

Aight no mas gassing.. back to the time-wasters (hey, I know of at least two regulars who frequent the News&Booze, so as always these be for you).

BODIES comes to NY (via Gothamist). Y'all look alike.

Put the Jesus piece away.

For those who still have ethical hang-ups with file-sharing, or are just sorta paranoid that 'hackers' will figure out ways to hijack all your internet porn through Soulseek or Limewire, how bout this? AllOfMp3.com. Average price for an album is $2 bucks; can't beat that with a bat, right? Unless you're afraid of the Russians too. But y'know.. feel good that your money's going somewhere? Like... to a 15 year-old internet kid's vodka supply?

Taiyo links a dope Sean Paul Interview off AllHipHop.

Camera Toss!

Proof that the irony of shows like Laguna Beach and My Super Sweet 16 is definitely lost on a lot of kids: L.I. Principal Cancels 'Bacchanalian' Pro. Ah yes, people are stupid.

The Daily Show still killing it (was there every any doubt?): Skewering the shit out of Bush's staged teleconference with the troops. (via Crooks and Liars, one of Via's favorite sites as of late).

Keep the phast phood photos coming people! Today's flick comes from that Guido-Pinoy Carlovito Santangelo. Absolutely no clue of what the context is, but yknow... keep sending to ant@bywayof.net and one-up the last submission. If we can escalate this to something, we'll um.. throw in a shirt or something? There will be a prize, yeah.

Flicks from the Heeb Sex Ish Release Party up here just in case you got pop-ups blocked. Ix flix of course, be on the look out for a new features section for El Jef the Chef and his thoughtography soon soon son son.

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October 12, 2005

Bad Teenage Moustaches


Big shouts to Mr. Gilles Peterson for putting on a real solid showcase last night. Band of the week goes to Heavy from Jamaica, Queens. Alls I can really say is: Keytar + Vocoder = YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SNAP. Good good times.

Jazmine Sullivan ain't so bad either. 18 years old??? So so so much soul.

Via's co-sponsoring the Heeb 'Sex Issue' Release Party, featuring Guy Aoki's favorite Joo on the cover. Our very own half-Semite Captain Planet shalt be spinning, so come out and get your Wednesday night danceathon on.

...and then just in case you haven't found that nice Jewish boy/girl to come home with, you can try again the next night when Bastard Jazz brings Charlie on board for their monthly Digging Deeper Party.

Sonny got a website! (via Catchdubs)

Now for the 8 killion Yahoo! News stories I've been sitting on:

David Byrne plays a factory. Literally, as it were.

We needs to bite what this guy's doing: The Million Dollar Homepage. Gives us yours moneys.

Silicon Zoo. (via Oso Def)

'Wallace and Gromit' Props Ruined in Fire. Holy crap.

If you's got some time at work, Crazy Daisy forwarded me a pretty thorough sleuthing into the 'hoax' that is JT Leroy: A search for the true identity of a great literary hustler.

World's Oldest Noodles. Gooooooonnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg...


Oh yeah.. and just in case you didn't get the memo: It's still okay to be afraid of sharks. No, seriously. You ain't a pussy.

"Bad Teenage Moustaches" posted by ant at 9:15 PM

October 6, 2005



Yknow Urn's sposed to be picking up some of the slack on this here News&Booze, but he's been to busy watching Lost these days to touch a computer for too long. Either way though, he's been feeding some good linkage so here yous go.

First Jimmy Jones, then Fiddy? Hopefully Mr. Pete Rock's getting some paper:
50 Cent- Emotional
Not touching the track he blessed Ghostdini with: Ghostface- Be Easy. (via Soul-Sides).

I like the doods working Yahoo! News: Bush claimed God told him to invade Iraq. The photo choice es muy excelente: "What's that you say, God? Kill everything?"

What's the deal with One-Man Star Wars Trilogy?

Ah yes, and such big news and major congratulations go out to Via collaborator and good person (if just a tad um.. irate) Matt Rivera aka Oso Def, whose short film DoubleNuptial has been chosen to air on CurrentTV, that network that's going flipping ape balls shit marketing everywhere in the city. Note to "youth marketing street teams": customizing your Current t-shirts to look like rags covering your nipples is a really good way to have folks take your network seriously. But but, good looks on airing Matt's piece, if just for the fact that I can watch the guy so drunk that he falls asleep mid-sentence with his eyes open.

I can't help but feel corny while peeping this site, but it's been my crack as of late: Skateboard Rumors.

The new Burton Soho Store is a good hour of fun, and does a really nice job of making me a little fiendish for the season to start. Not that I've ever ridden in the east coast, but given current budget crunches, I'd say it's a good year to hold off on back-to-Cali snowboard trips.

Design goons: Chip Kidd is putting a book out: Chip Kidd: Book One. Design sans computadora and what not.

Daisy Ewe on Meat-normous reconnaissance today. Feel free to submit your random phast phood photos to ant@bywayof.net so as I can start being more lazy. Where's my Via helper robot?

"Turrrerisertzzzz.." posted by ant at 11:02 PM