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March 31, 2005

March 30, 2005

The SAD Chronicles


Seriously, these entries are basically me documenting my mood-swinging through the winter. Touched 60 degrees??? Nostrand Ave POPPING off. Fellas- get your cat-calling game in order. Ladies- get your mace ready. Spring's all nice and good, but I'm holding out for some kind of miracle jump from winter to summer. Also-- don't call me out in July when I'm complaining that I can't think properly and my glasses are fogging up in the humidity.

This doesn't really look like it'd work. Plus I already have one. It's called a flipping monitor. 18 hours staring at the box, I'm not trying to have another one shining on my noodle.

On a Via news tip (finally), we'll be doing our sales push in a little bit, re-upping the stores that have been carrying us for a minute, and hopefully getting picked up in some new doors along the way. Trying to reconnect with some West Coast shops to expand beyond NYC, and just doing the do. For out-of-state folks that have been asking how they can acquire shirts, do us a favor and drop the name and site to your local shops. In the meantime, you can always shoot an e-mail to sales@bywayof.net telling us what you're looking for, and we'll see what we've got in stock and work something out post-haste. We're not really trying to turn the house into the shipping center/logistical nightmare we had last year with online ordering, but hey, we like paying rent, kids like shirts, sun's coming out... works for everyone.

Brother Urn is on the mix:

Movies I Wanna See.

Bullet Boy (UK)
Dead Man's Shoes (UK)
Rock Fresh
Afropunk: The Rock-N-Roll Nigger Experience
The Agronomist
Quality of Life

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March 29, 2005

Chop You Face!


The lowdown on Prps (via beinghunted)... We've been feeling this stuff for a minute; dope cuts, ill fits, just the right amount of detailing and deconstruction... CRACK. Big ups to Mr. Sasso on the cherub logo.

The unsung role of Kung Fu in the Kyrgyz revolution

Binh Dinh Kung Fu
In fact, the country’s Binh Dinh style of kung fu was actually developed as a means of petting technique over sheer strength so that local farmer folk could battle the jungle elements, boars and tigers included.

Caps and Jones kicking off their regular gig at 13 Little Devils: Nice Up ...how much more convincing do you need from us? Will and Brian have been family since... well, since before Via even existed, and they've been supporting us since the beginning, so it's not hard to reciprocate. It also helps that these doods are nice; definitely DJ's DJs.

Tag-team to ixley:

I'm not really sure why Ant handed this off to me knowing full well that I'm just going to post some nerdy links about stuff like Wikipedia. Wired has a dope article about the ongoing project that uses software called Wiki to allow anybody to create and modify entries in what has become the largest online encyclopedia. The democratic forum does have its flaws, but overall the project is turning out to be extremely successful and demonstrates how adept the web is at introducing innovative methods of publishing and moderating content collectively.

Also, on the 'power to the people' tip (sorta), Microsoft strikes a blow in the battle against spammers.

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March 28, 2005

I smell like wet dog.


Woooooooooooooojah thunderstormin! Drenched within two minutes of steppin off the stoop and the day just kept getting wetter. A dose of extra bitterness for today's entry then.

But first, shouts to Triple AAAron in DC for a good portion of the link combing today. Here goes:

!!!!!!!!!GAT DAMN!!!!!!!!!! Treasure trove of old school hip hop vids, go now go now go now! (via Spine Magazine)

Nike Air Raid Tuskegee Air Men Force Edition

Aaron's commentary: not that i hadn't noticed the previous forays into national branding by nike--puerto rico and west indies airforce ones, dominican huraches, the extremely rejected black liberation flag somethings-or-other (i think they were af1s)--but a series that celebrates the tuskegee airmen? i'm slackjawed and boondoggled.

...and with that, school yourself on some histurry.

In case you missed it, Kehinde Wiley's interview from NPR (available for a limited time only, it's on a yousendit server).

On the Via booklist:

1) How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men

This cover is screaming for some color commentary on multiple levels, from the stupid-ugly striped linen coat (Ringmaster's guide to getting it on?), to the fact that both parties are holding flowers ("uh, here... I brought you five more of what you already got"), to just the uh... I dunno, fact that lady's got some real oxycontin'd out grimace on her mug... hilarity ensuing.

Anyway, seeing as how Via is exactly 1/2 Asian, this book seemed pretty relevant. Also, add Adam Quan to that list of people who are douchebags and are Asian, right up there with Michelle Malkin and Jimmy Nguyen who gave me a papercut on my EAR when I was passing back tests in Mrs. Nemecek's 7th grade English class. You kids made it on the list real good.

2) How to Good-Bye Depression: If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday. Malarkey? or Effective Way?

I'm going to say this guy is more awesome than douchebag.

Also-- for the people that still think Via's a delivery service (I know the business card's are misleading, but seriously... we ain't got no hydro, go get weededed elsewhere): Feds uproot mob pot farms

Finally-- welcome to my life (via Pop Life).

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March 26, 2005

Paella Day.


ixley aka jef the chef is making paella and I don't think he's gonna give me any but I smells it. Took some guests to Coney Island today, as I was running out of ways to prolong my sickness.

Via t-shirt trader and skate hero Mark Gonzales hooked up Captain P with a mellow drawing for his birthday. Looks pretty Charlie, but y'know, all white people look alike to me.

I know I've been a little heavy on the skate tip lately, but eyyy... spring's poppin fresh soon, so I don't really have a choice in the matter. For review, the Gonz's part in one of the bester skate videos everest: Blind's Video Days.

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March 25, 2005

Purim scares me.


Bus ride from Crown Heezy into Billsburg had us passing by all kinds of dressed up Hassids celebrating Purim. DZ, my authority on all things Jew, says they're sposed to be dressing up as characters from the story (y'know, the one about someone persecuting the Jews, something something about violence and bloodshed, that one... oh wait, that's all of them), but I def caught kids dressed up as Mickey Mouse and cops. As a joke I mentioned something about someone dressing up as a Chinaman, and hot damn, right on a stoop, spotted a kid rocking full on Mandarin garb and a conical hat (payes still visible though)... worst part is I had my camera on me the whole time and should've been getting flicks like whoa. But Hassids scare me, so I couldn't do it, not even on the sly. Although this guy ain't so scary, he just an ex-hippie.

I'm consistently about two days behind The Stencil. They running a vastly superior blargh, I cannot stress this enough. I will continue biting. But yeah, found Aziz getting shine on it, and was like eyyyy that's the dood who used to bust into scratch routines at NYU parties right? Anyway, he's also got a mellow interview over at Gothamist, and his piece on MIA is dopeage.

This is the type of stuff that makes me miss Cali. Destroying one ledge at USC. Beautiful stuff from the Crailtap! folks. WTF is Koston's last trick? Heelflip to body varial tailslide to straight fun dopity dopeness? Still scratching head. *bonus footy from Tampa Pro: Og De Souza.

Don't forget Critical Mass tonight.

Easter Bunny Gets Pummeled by Boy at Mall...I know maybe he did the right thing by keeping his cool, but uh... dood still got got by a 12 year-old.

Brooklyn Surfer. Mellow.

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Happy Birthday Cap'n


Happy berfday to Captain Planet and shouts to fam for turning out for a mellow dinner. First birthday in the five years I've known Charlie that he hasn't walked away with a brick of vinyl. CDJ's looming?

Kenzan's cousin doing some cool things with denim: Akane Clothing

Aurock linking from Chocolate City some classic backapacka hip hop: vid for Black Moon's Who Got the Props... is it just me, or is Buckshot completely throwing jump kicks?

Follow-up on Banksy's recent exhibitions.

In more 'no shit, you dumbass frat boffo mufugga' news: FHM Names Angelina Jolie Sexiest Woman.

How come nobody told me David Choe updated his site? How do I steal his powers?

Oh yeah, this worked to ward away the sickness. Feeling on the ups, we'll see in a couple days.

embarrassingly pale photo by DZ... the Captain's looking a little Wonder Bread.

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March 23, 2005

sickwiddit pt. 3


No more fake-outs and jukes with this weather, it's starting to play with my emotions.

Straight to business then:

Banksy getting it done, and done well. (via The Stencil)

Don't you know the Mambonsai yet? English explanation here.

Inc.com's 26 Most Fascinating Entrepreneurs. Whatchu know about Tio Rueben? Santa Ana represent!

Typography nerds, gasp here.

pee-Pods. Anyone else remember using the bathroom at Gaseteria that pretty much had no door and a huge window looking in? Most frantic pisses ever.

Crawling back to bed.

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March 22, 2005

Crisp? Brisk? Brick?


Still sick. For all the other folks who seem to have caught whatever weird throat virus it is that seems to be passing around, I've got you covered today. No I don't. But while you're sitting in the cube getting all your co-workers sick, here's some clickity clacks to distract you.

Another friend from the Church of Emergen C tried converting me last night, but I'm not getting duped. The stuff is crushed Flinstones vitamins, and you kids are playing yourselves if you think otherwise.

Old Ten Eyck homies Bear & Co. have been getting a lotta hype with Grizzly Bear. This means the next bread pudding from La Bonita is on them.

Good (but brief) Nas interview here.

On a final note, have you been peeping Captain's Crate? Chaz is dropping gems like a gem-dropper and what not.

Actually, on a final-er note, wedgies for any shmucko who does this. For those of you who don't want to filter through the nerdspeak, the basic premise goes: you phone in blog entries (linked by ixley, who else?). Y'know, just in case you can't get to a computer in time to recommend the latest CD you've been jocking or what you ate for breakfast. Yeah yeah, we're not above all that obviously, but the second you hear my whiny-ass voice commenting on whatever movie I saw last night, well... the Via address is on the contact page. Open invitation to drop on by and kick me in the balls.

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March 21, 2005



I can't remember the last time I've been sick, but whatever I've come down with feels like it's hiding behind my face and yanking on my tonsils and smacking me with my own hands while telling me to stop hitting myself.

Shouts to Bubby's for gouging me on the lunch once again. Keep raising them prices and I'll keep coming back you bastards. Somebody give us more options in DUMBO besides Grimaldi's.

Our homey James has got himself all properly html'd. Flipping amazing artist, the Cash Money illustration alone is worth the price of admission. JamesBlagden.com

Watch Battleground Minnesota and then vote for it on INdTV. I know the next four years are going to be spent headed towards the apocalypse, but let's hear it for Dems chains and DV productions anyway. And racial/generational/cultural awkwardness. Walter Mondale on the wikkie wikkies pretty much seals the deal. Description as follows:

Gabriel Cheifetz, Glenn Scott, and Chris "Shakademic" Johnson are coworkers at Phillips Community TV (PCTV), a youth media organization based in Minneapolis. When Minnesota suddenly became a "battleground" state in 2004, Cheifetz, Scott, and Shakademic borrowed some cameras, bought some cheap imitation rhinestone chains, and set off in search of the biggest names in Minnesota politics.

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March 19, 2005

Why are you reading this?


Don't be dumb! Get the fuggout! Go to this!

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March 18, 2005

No beef with GAME yet 50 nonetheless


Today the weather cracked 50 in nueva york. Don't know where all y'all are tuned in from, but for right now, in this city, 50 degrees means mad tropical, daughter. Enticed by the conga line in Union Square, the limbo at Houston, and the coconuts at the Hudson River, your regular "news & booze" MC has taken leave. Mr. Nagooyen muttered something about "not being the inattentive penguin again," threw on swim trunks and fins, then waddled down Nostrand.

Whatevah. That means I got the reins for today and will take pleasure in party planning your weekend while you're aboard the SS Via. Since I'm black, female and from the city of Oakland, I think it's best not to incur my wrath. Your plans are as follows:

Saturday Evening...the best and largest slam in NYC, out the mouths of babes. And when i say babes i don't mean yungins, but tenderonis. Check the Urban Word Teen Poetry Slam. Youth Speaks is shadowing Urban Words this year, so ain't no other slam to wait for. Urban Words has it on lock, and should you miss it, well, it would suck to be you. or related to you. or the same height as you.

Sunday...it's raining. You are all to buy snacks on saturday in preparation, then host small VIAwear parties in your homes. Its like a Tupperware party, but less air tight. Should the VIAwear party fall through, the back up plan is family game night. So you, and the roommates, gather round the velveeta and break out the SET cards; it's time to do some seasonal bonding. Doesn't matter if you and Buck have been arguing about who's turn it is to take out the trash. Tell Muffy stop tripping, she can win her man back in a ripping game of Pinochle. Sunday is also Vernal Equinox, and I hear at the stroke of midnight you can balance an egg on its end.

with the ovum and poetry, sounds like a Denny's Grand Slam of a weekend. get to scrambling. ( i know i know, but a play on words gets me everytime)

- chin aka nihc

Guatemala food foto by ix to the lizee

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March 17, 2005

Jameson Count: 0


That number isn't really rising anytime soon, but we'll see by lunchtime.

One of our friends and mentors, Bryonn Bain, author of the famous Voice article Walking While Black, and its unintended followup, Three Days in NYC Jails, is FINALLY getting around to releasing that album of his that's been in the works since who knows when. We haven't heard it all yet, but he brought some tracks to the house a few months ago, and the bhangra joint is definitely on some freshness.

Anyway, info here:

Bryonn Bain announces the independent release of his much anticipated debut album: "PROBLEM CHILD: The Philosophy and Opinions..." This mixture of hypnotic verse and future-classic beats seamlessly blends elements of hard-core and conscious Hip Hop, roots Reggae, Bhangra and House music, with urban Soul. Oh!! and it's Bryonn's Born day too!!!! come celebrate with free admission and open bar from 11-12am

735 Second Ave bet 39th/40th St.
Saturday, March 19, 10:00pm

Also: shouts to Miss Christine Turner for directing us to this very good story about the Quannum Crew. While I have to admit I sorta haven't been into them as much since high school, their relatively recent signee and Good Life legend Pigeon John is still one of the funnest rappers to bounce to.

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March 16, 2005

Scienticians Protect Us!


New Fairy Shrimp Found in Idaho

The new species has several spines on its front legs, and each spine is covered with several more, even smaller spines. The belly of the shrimp is covered with patches of Velcro-like spikes, enabling it to stick to and store up to four smaller fairy shrimp of different species — its prey. The new species also have a unique long, tapered and forked tail and the males have much longer antennas than other fairy shrimp.

The shrimp have apparently evolved ways to deal with a scarce food source. When the playas begin to run out of the tinier shrimp, they catch and store their prey for future eating.

"They grab them, bite them — probably don't kill them but reduce the activity level — and clamp them to the body with these little flaps," Quinney said.

All well and good (wooo! science!)... right until it does THIS.

Face Hugger

Don't be fooled! Leave them scrimps alone! HR Giger be damned!

Also, holy hell... The Stencil has just made my day. Big Will, you are the troof!

Fun Slides- if they could just make these for hardwood floors with missing panels and exposed nails, I'd be in there like swimwear.

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First Out the Building Bloc


Mixed down DZ's submission for JDub Records tonight:

Green Line

Holler at your boy and tell him to stop rapping so damn fast and get a maury flow already.

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March 15, 2005

Happy Belated Pi Day


I totally forgot about Pi Day. Had a math teacher who celebrated it, and she was dope, and her son was in this band, which apparently still exists (who knew?).

Whatchu know about Koba?

Kenzan's commuting mix: 1 AM.

Congrats to our boy Billy Rohan for placing 5th in the Tampa Pro Street Finals. I don't keep up on current skate slang anymore, but I hear he's been "throwing hammers," as they say. Also, more skate-related congrats to New York legend and all-around dope guy (as long as you're on his good side) Jeff Pang, who's now the DC Shoes east coast team manager.

On an ushering in spring note: aside from the really bad cgi dancing snowman, the video for Playa Azul by Los Amigos Invisibles is pretty smile-inducing.

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March 12, 2005

The Hungover Recap



Looks like Via's 2 for 2 on the party tip. Thanks to everyone who came out to pack both floors of the joint, things looked beautiful from my little perch, and it was really good to see friends and fam (although some kids were conveniently stationed in California for the night.. you know who you is) from past events come out and throw more support, as well as a majority of folks I'd never seen before (this is a good thing).

Some post-party notes:

•when the conga troupe backs out, African drummers definitely provide an equally funky-frenzied alternative (props to Bako for hooking this up)

•Caps and Jones CAPITALIZING on the "dude, my parents are totally in Michigan for the weekend" basement (plywood floors, living room couch, leaky pipes, oh my) and turning that space into the grimiest, sweatiest, freshest high school dance pit I've seen in quite some time. Hope everyone's taken a couple showers since then.

•should probably bring the real mailing list forms next time... frantic searching for a 24 hour Duane Reade in the snow for a notebook and pen seems to deliver results such as this. We run a tight ship.

Alright, enough gassing. You'll see the photos (the non-doo-doo ones from a non-Anthony camera) soon enough. Welcome back to Via folks, enjoy your stay, there's much more to come.

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March 11, 2005


Oh yeah, there's this party... dunno if you've heard about it, but my informants tell me it should be pretty swell.

here's the info, just in case we didn't punch you in the face enough with it already:

Friday, March 11th 10PM-4AM
@ 13 Little Devils (120 Orchard St b/w Delancey and Rivington)

VIA Seasonal * SPRING 2005
Kicking off the first in a series of seasonal parties, Via celebrates the re-launch of its new website (www.ByWayOf.net). The Brooklyn-based collective hosts a night of dance-music-mix-mastery, offering two floors of music, funky visuals, a live conga troupe, and free mix CDs for the first 100 heads in the door. DJ Caps & Pandemonium Jones, Boon, and Captain Planet help bring the dirty frenzy to the floor. *$3 Red Bull+Vodka's and beer before 11PM*

We would like to see friends and fam and folks we never seens before. Been indoors way too long working on this Via steez, hopefully we've got something to show everybody for all those flaky and absent weekends these past 2 months.

To any folks who've just hit the new Via, welcome (back). A more proper reintroduction after this weekend's shenanigans, but for now, just get that ass to 13 Little Devils. Trust us, the site's much better after you've come home in a drunken stupor anyway.

* Also-- pose for a flick if you see this kid. We documenting.

March 10, 2005



Though I suspected it before, working on this website has confirmed one thing — that I am truly and utterly a design nerd. This can be confirmed with one link. If you dabble in web design at all, you might get it. If not, think of it like this: It's a bunch of web designers remixing one web page and posting their creations. If you don't think that's nerdy, you're probably one of us. (This is the type of thing Ant will whine is contaminating his precious blog content, so I'm required to state that this post is by ixley.)

On the art tip, check out Bill Henson's new work (highlighted in the first issue of the recently relaunched Artkrush. Artkrush was a website back in the day that came proper with an assortment of art news and features but went into extended hibernation, only to link up with Flavorpill and be reborn as a bimonthly e-newsletter. If you think Henson's work looks kind of dark, Artkrush is what originally turned me on to Simen Johan's work, whose Evidence of Things Unseen and Breeding Ground are on some seriously beautifully, creepy ish.

**Ant's Note**
Actually it appears ix has contained himself somewhat, so this entry passes. Tell him you like the site by mailing jef@bywayof.net, and give him his due. But enough patting ourselves on the back, thar be a party tomarr that we're still nervous/excited about. Come and bring all your friends and their moms.

Here's my serious link for the month: Judge Dismisses Agent Orange Lawsuit

from the article:

"We've said all along that any issues regarding wartime activities should be resolved by the U.S. and Vietnamese governments," said Dow Chemical spokesman Scot Wheeler. "We believe that defoliants saved lives by protecting allied forces from enemy ambush and did not create adverse health effects."

In other news, Scot Wheeler is an ass.

On the day-job tip, ayy, a co-worker in the New Yorker. Dorinda's response to the article:

They say no publicity is bad publicity, but the New Yorker piece came pretty close. The society page meets ethnographic methods: "But you weren't dressed properly for the occassion!" The reporter was determined to portray a hapless college student and keep our discussion of policy recommendations for his notebook.

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March 8, 2005



Same deal, just gearing up for the Via Relaunch on Friday. Hey, remember when the weather was uh... 53 degrees? I don't. There's snow in the living room.

Big-ups to our folks at The Stencil, Intuition, Halcyon, Trace, and Catchdubs for bigging us up and generating a little buzz for our foolish venture. It's seriously appreciated, and we'll find ways to pay you back in due time. Also, when we use the word "pay," it's more along the lines of, "What do you want from the Dollar Menu? Cool. You got like seven cents for the tax? Cool."

Friday, March 11th 10PM-4AM
@ 13 Little Devils (120 Orchard St b/w Delancey and Rivington)

VIA Seasonal * SPRING 2005
Kicking off the first in a series of seasonal parties, Via celebrates the re-launch of its new website (www.ByWayOf.net). The Brooklyn-based collective hosts a night of dance-music-mix-mastery, offering two floors of music, funky visuals, a live conga troupe, and free mix CDs for the first 100 heads in the door. DJ Caps & Pandemonium Jones, Boon, and Captain Planet help bring the dirty frenzy to the floor. *Drink Specials before 11PM*

and on the randomness:

How come everyone knows about this except me? That's like one of the better vegetables, and there's virtually no nutritional value? Boooo.

There is probably much more nutritional value in a human. Worst segue EVER. No wit for the sleep-deprived.


Cops and Guns... good lord. Dying in the cubicle right now.

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March 6, 2005

All work and no play...


We've been putting in overtime lately at Via (wait... overtime implies you're getting paid... nevermind), and I'm about ready to pass out after another 12 hour bout with the computer (it won... my retinas are burning like whoa). Boo on missing The Rub, but y'know... plenty of time for partying on Friday.

Anyway... JEAH. I know paintball conjures up images of father and son boffos and bachelor parties, but I still associate it with high school hijinks and having Costa Mesa Police helicopters telling us to "drop our weapons." The Via snow fighter team was a bust, anyone up to join me for this venture? This is the closest thing we'll ever have to a softball team. Ixley got his @$$ served on the dodgeball tip, and I'm a gun nut at heart, so... takers?

...seriously. I think I'm gonna look into this. I need to shoot something. ant@bywayof.net if you've got the itch.

"All work and no play..." posted by ant at 12:40 AM

March 4, 2005



On some serious WTF news:

Alanis recording acoustic 'Jagged Little Pill'

But perhaps the biggest "irony" is that Morissette barely remembers the 18 months surrounding the project's peak period. "When the album came out, I feel like I immediately went into survival mode to keep the 'overwhelm' that comes from being famous at bay," she said. "Ten years later, I have the luxury of time and distance to formally honor it."

Uh, yeah. Keep on gassing.

This also pissed me off:

The Sandlot 2

WTF????? Prolly one of the better movies of all time, and you sully that shit with a sequel??? Boooooooooooooooooooooooo.

"Outrage!" posted by ant at 9:09 PM

Cult of Def Jux


Doods seem to be stepping up their video game. I was pretty happy with Murs's HUSTLE, mostly for John Cena's appearance. On a wrestling note, Cena got robbed last night. But that spinning belt with the American flag on it was wack anyway. We're aiming for top gold.

Anyway, guess Def Jux's video budget went up on this one? Aesop Rock's Fast Cars (linked via ephemeroi). Looks good.

In monkey news: DAAAAAAAMN!. They bit off your testicles??

"Cult of Def Jux" posted by ant at 12:16 PM

March 2, 2005



I mean, we should seriously consider it, judging by the oversaturation of dj/designers peddling t-shirts in this city. But as of now, we still haven't gotten into any illicit drug marketing. Check back in a month or so.

Ant Factoid: day job works as a marijuana researcher (subcultures, markets, user populations, etc.), and this update is being posted from his cubicle (in the same building as the Fader, oddly enough... get a lot of strange looks from folks like they think I'm an intern getting off on the wrong floor).

Anyway, all this to post this. (linked by ixley)

Does anyone remember when D.A.R.E. came to their school and handed out real neat little booklets that would outline all the street names of drugs? There's a good number of studies out there showing how ineffective that program was, and as far as personal experience goes, a lot of folk I've talked to actually cite it as a primer for their own drug use.

"WE ARE NOT A DELIVERY SERVICE" posted by ant at 2:55 PM

Week and some change...


Via party's approaching folks. March 11th, 13 Little Devils, watch for the promotions push in about a day or two. We've all been wearing a lot of hats lately to get this stuff ready, apologies for a kinda doo doo entry today.

Happy Birthday, Yahoo!... I remember waiting for my mom to get off work at the library and just being thrown into a room with a computer for a couple hours. I was sorta old enough that I didn't get a kick out of the educational games they had, so she just told me to go on Yahoo! and "look for things." I had no idea what an internet was. Anyway, so I have distinct memories of this page and typing in arbitrary crap like "roller coasters." Not once did it occur to me to search for "boobies."

Anyway, as most folks have noticed, Yahoo! tends to be Via's primary news source (this has no relation to the fact that it's my homepage, I swear). We just like lazy reporting and dead links within two weeks.

I refuse to use the word they're using (NETrospective... krist almighty) but, eh, a fun little distraction with 10 Years, 100 Moments of the Web.

Finally, with all this hoopla surrounding the 50/Game feud and the mindless speculation accompanying it, I thought I'd put up an unrelated, but still somewhat beef-related piece. Street gangs stake out turf on Web. Does anybody ever use AsianAvenue/BlackPlanet/MiGente anymore? Anybody ever get death threats on that ish?

"Week and some change..." posted by ant at 1:24 AM