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March 6, 2008

NPR (Wait for it...)

Admittedly, I'm not cool enough to have liked the new Gnarls joint at first peep--what is this? Nancy Sinatra rap?--nevertheless, my ADD-afflicted, telegenicized* ass was kinda digging it after the video. Maybe blame it on the Graffiti Rock reference (Justin Timberlake playing OG scenester Michael Holman is PURE COMEDY) or the fact that we still have one of those clunky, faux-furniture, wooden TVs down in our basement (HD transition can get the bozack). Irregardless**, I just thought of another GR-referencing viddy that doesn't cause seizures though it may make you have flashbacks to previous cases of acute backpackeritis***.

WHT "14 Years of Rap" (w/ cameos by Bobbito, Crazy Legs, and what could be the world's first Semetic Cyborg eye)

*,**&*** = no PoMo, rasclots!

Posted by urn at March 6, 2008 11:21 AM